Being a WordPress Expert & Search Engine Optimization Expert for over 10 years I’ve become very good at dissecting clients WordPress websites to find out what is holding their websites back from online success, ranking well in Google and lastly why their competitors are outdoing them online.

This really all stems back to when my clients originally decided to hire a web developer to build their site. Unfortunately many businesses are deluded that hiring an inexperienced web developer or someone overseas to cut down on costs will yield same results as hiring a seasoned WordPress developer. Unfortunatley this poor choice sets them off on the wrong foot.

I’ve decided to outline some of the common issues that I’ve come across from some of my WordPress clients who have made these poor choices. In some situations it made sense to redo their website completely having paid for garbage work.

Common issues from having a poorly developed website include:

Slow Loading Website

Google has announced in 2016 that page speed taken into consideration by its algorithm when ranking websites. Websites that load slowly can expect a high bounce rate (visitors leave your site and likely go to a competitors) and even ultimate affects your bottom line (sales/leads). A 1 second difference in page speed might not sound like a lot but for companies like Amazon this is a matter of millions of dollars per year.

Hacked WordPress Core Files

Understanding the WordPress structure and how to work with themes. As I’ve witness in the past, developers have added code to core files and themes which are overwritten when necessary updates are made which can lead to a broken website. If you’ve been in this situation, hopefully you’ve made a backup and good luck trying to get your site restored.

Poor Choice of Plugins

WordPress Plugins are essentially pieces of code that are added to a website in order to provide additional functionality. It’s always tempting to install plugins since it’s just a couple clicks in your WordPress dashboard however installing too many plugins or poor quality plugins can come at a costly price of hindering on a websites performance, conflict with other plugins or even crash a website.

Responsive & Browser Compatibility Issues

It’s quickly becoming a mobile world. Surprisingly many businesses and website owners still haven’t caught on having websites that aren’t user friendly on the most popular devices such as mobile devices and tablets. In fact, nearly 60% of searches are now performed on mobile devices. Not only does having a mobile responsive website improve usability for your visitors but has also been known to impact search ranking. It’s also important to test your website in major browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari as well as different versions. You can a check Google Analytics to see what browsers/versions your visitors are using broken down by percentage.

No On-page SEO

It’s amazing how many websites I visit that have their page title “Home” for their home page. On-Page SEO refers to the HTML and content that should be optimized so search engines can understand your website and more importantly should include keywords. Not ranking for a specific keyword? Make sure keywords are included in HTML elements such as your title tag, meta description, heading tags (h1,h2,h3 etc) and site content. YOAST for SEO is the most commonly installed plugin on WordPress to help manage on-page SEO. Looking to improve your search ranking? We can help!

Whether you’re looking to launch a new website or improve your online presence maybe it’s time to speak to a professional. Contact NexToronto WordPress Development & Internet Marketing.