Social Media Marketing should be part of every internet marketing strategy but sadly seems to be overlooked by many companies or not executed properly.

There are plenty of online tools available to help automate this process but it’s also important that these tools are only part of the solution. You really need to be consistent, be on-topic or interesting, connect with influencers, socialize and use hashtags. But for the sake of this blog I want to focus on tools that I’ve found extremely useful to increase engagement and followers on Twitter and other platforms.

HootSuite Bulk Message Upload | Social Media Marketing Toronto1) HootSuite

HootSuite is top of my list and not an expensive investment for any business. With the FREE version you can easily manage and schedule your social media posts on platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn among others. I do recommend paying for the Pro version which allows you to configure up to 50 social media profiles, provides 1 enhanced analytics report, up to 10 users, access to premium apps and what I find most useful – bulk message scheduling.

The bulk message scheduling allows you to import a CSV of all your scheduled posts. I like to create a spreadsheet of popular blogs I’ve shared in the past including my own in addition to including the occasional promotion sandwiched in between such as FREE SEO tools, web development packages, services offered or any company related information.


This tool was the answer I was searching for when looking for an online service that allowed me to download a history of previous tweets into a CSV file. I use this spreadsheet to create daily content calendars which I then filter through to for blog tweets that I find worth retweeting. Typically I will create two columns in my spreadsheet, one for external articles and another for NexToronto related tweets. After I have organized the file I then use it to create individual CSV files which can be used multiple times.

Tweet Download to Export all Tweets | Social Media Marketing Toronto


social media marketing | Start a Fire3) is a service that has not been around very long but I’ve found it quite valuable. I’ve found many top influencers on Twitter using it which is how I came to learn about it. It allows publishers or blog owners to get value from the content they share by adding a customizable popunder (or badge as they call it) that appears on the bottom right.

This service is easy to use and require very little to setup and is a great way to capitalize on shared content by adding your own recommended articles or advertisements. I’ve found that since using this service it has added another method of funneling traffic to my own website.

The only issue I’ve found using this service is the analytics reporting. I’ve noticed some inaccuracies in the badge click count and it would be useful if they would add the ability to query the analytics using custom date ranges.

It includes many integrations that can be used in conjunction with other services such as Hootsuite, Tweetdeck, Buffer, Hubspot and many others. I recommend installing the browser extension for chrome or the bookmarklet for Safari or Firefox which automatically converts shared links to use this service.

If you have any cool recommendations or tactics to increase engagement, have questions or find the article above useful, feel free to leave a comment below.

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