wordpress search suggest pluginThe WordPress default search doesn’t work very well and this can be a big problem, especially when you’re running an e-commerce website. Sometimes I would search for exact product names using the WordPress search and the results wouldn’t return the correct product or even display the best results on the first page. In some cases I would have to go to page 3 of the search results from my WordPress search to get the correct product.

A search suggest plugin is a great idea as it improves the user experience which can potentially increase conversions as since it returns user queries quickly instead of them giving up and moving on to another website which carries the product.

I searched online for some available plugins that could quickly solve the obvious problem. From the plugins I found here were the results:

 yith-woocommerce-ajax-search-previewYITH WooCommerce Ajax Search ($59 per site)

I’m a fan of this WordPress auto-suggest plugin. The YITH WooCommerce Ajax Search seems to come with a lot of themes I’ve purchased through themeforest.com. Obviously many of the theme developers have recognized this plugin and included it with their theme bundle. This plugin is also a textual search suggest similar to the WP search suggest – except it works. It is built specifically for WooCommerce and works great. I have read some reviews and negative comments suggesting it conflicts with some themes however I had no issues with it. For $59 US, you can purchase the premium version of this plugin that will allow features such as displaying a product image, product excerpt, extend search capability with tags/categories and more.


instantsearch-wordpress-autosuggestInstandSearch+ ($4.99 per month or $48/year)

I was a big fan of this WordPress search suggest plugin. Aesthetically it looks great and it’s super fast. However I realized after I downloaded it that it was only FREE up to 50 products and has a 30 day trial where you can experience all the premium features. This search plugin is very advanced. It’s completely cloud based which makes it super fast even has a dashboard that provides stats on searches performed. You can subscribe to the InstandSearch+ premium service for $4.99 per month or $48 per year. Typically I’m not a fan of plugins that require subscriptions but it’s possible I would use it in the future if I work on an ecommerce site with thousands of products.


ajax-search-suggest-wordpress-pluginWordPress AJAX Search & AutoSuggest Plugin ($16 US)

I was really happy with this plugin. It looks similar to the InstandSearch+ but you don’t have to pay a monthly or yearly subscription. This plugin only costs $16 and makes the search-ability of WooCommerce work so much more efficiently. It works similar to the YITH WooCommerce Ajax Search however it also displays a product image and excerpt. The only downfall to this WordPress search suggest plugin is that it require a bit of template modification. I had to add php code to the header files of sites I applied it to and had to drag the widget into it’s widget container in order to activate it. To a non-techy you would probably get really frustrated with this plugin. If you’re running a newly launched WooCommerce website you might want to consider this plugin over the alternatives.



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