What is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing is a strategic marketing approach that is built on the foundation of creating, sharing and leveraging content as an asset or virtual “real estate” that speaks to and resonates with consumers. It is essential for the success of any business, be that a small ma and pa shop or a large multinational corporation, as the key driver of the business’ online presence, brand awareness and attracting and retaining engaged consumers.

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Why does it matter to you?

Utilizing a content marketing strategy can ignite your online presence by providing consumers information, knowledge and in-depth insight regarding your business’ area of expertise. Consumers are researching and making purchasing decisions about products and services online now more so than ever before, and in order to keep up with this fast paced online marketplace you must have a content marketing strategy in place. At the end of the day, content marketing is critical to keep you business relevant and at the top of mind of information-hungry consumers.

Whether you are a small business or a global corporation, content marketing is guaranteed to be your best long term marketing strategy. With the increasing use of technology, consumers are making purchasing decisions in a way they never have before; on their desktop computers, laptops, tablets and even mobile phones. Individuals are searching for and processing information through new channels, and content marketing is the voice that will allow consumers to not only find your business in the busy online marketplace, but also to build trust in your organization and it’s credibility. The reasons are endless, but here are the top 4 reasons why it is crucial for the success of your business needs to implement a content marketing strategy.

1. Content Marketing Elevates SEO

seo torontoFor years people have had a false realization that content marketing and SEO are two separate entities, however they are far more closely related than many may believe. While they are unique in their form –SEO being more tactical, and content marketing more holistic—both are assets that work hand in hand to significantly increase the ROI for your business. Content marketing is the channel in which your SEO takes flight, meaning that strategically placed key words can elevate your website in Google’s search engine algorithms.

Fresh and relevant content on your website is online “real estate” that businesses invest in, and that’s value grows exponentially over time. Whether it’s a creative blog post or an educational article, creating innovative, fresh content on your website allows consumers to easily find your business through the key words that are strategically placed within the piece that they are searching for.

2. Content Marketing Drives Traffic to Your Website

content marketing boosts web trafficStop chasing after consumers; an effective and strategic content marketing strategy will drive traffic to your website. Creating content that resonates with your target market is crucial for building your business’ credibility as a knowledgeable resource they can trust and turn to. The content on your website should speak directly to your target consumers, and it is a piece of equity that you can leverage as your business evolves over time. Blogs and articles that are relevant to your target market increase brand recognition and consumers are more likely to recall your brand when making purchasing decisions.

Blogging can act as the foundation for all of your social platforms; all Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest posts can link directly back to specific articles and/or strategically crafted CTA landing pages that will drive consumers to your website.

3. Position Your Business as an Industry Leader

content marketing The Internet is the largest marketplace worldwide where millions of businesses compete everyday to capture their target consumers’ attention. In order to stand out amongst competitors, businesses must utilize content marketing to position themselves as an industry leader by providing information and resources that are relevant to consumers and their purchasing decisions.

Providing compelling insight and knowledge about your business’ area of expertise will increase your brand’s equity and credibility, driving consumers to return to your business when their needs arise again in the future. Content marketing not only attracts new consumers, but it fulfills the needs of existing consumers and instills trusts in your businesses products, services and capabilities.

4. Develop and Strengthen Customer Relationships

content marketing strengthens relationshipsConsumers have a huge amount of power in the 21st century, and with so many sources of information, businesses must effectively communicate their value proposition in a manner that resonates with consumers. Creating unique, applicable content is the most effective method for connecting with your audience and building and maintaining customer relationships. Doing so will engage consumers, and directly result in increased conversion rates with both new and returning customers.