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40 Amazing Photo Tricks & Optical Illusions

//40 Amazing Photo Tricks & Optical Illusions

40 Amazing Photo Tricks & Optical Illusions

I’ve always been intrigued by photo perspectives and optical illusions. I’ve scoured the net to bring you 40 photo tricks and optical illusions which I’ve been impressed by. Check out my other post as well for more cool optical and photo illusions.

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optical illusions face


optical illusion moving pattern






alien invasion photo trick






photo trick to catch an airplane

Although you might think you see spirals, these shapes are actually perfectly round. To check just trace one of them with you finger.

optical illusion circle

8 legged bird

photo trick flicked man

owl in coffee optical illusion

backsketball sun


Square A and Square B are the same shade of grey.

bike ferris wheel

spray cloud

photo fun with clouds


stepped on



aliens - horse optical illusion


photo trick obama sun

photo illusision floating woman on beach

llama head optical illusion

photo illusion - woman on beach

photo illusion - which head

photo illusion - man and dogs head


photo illusion - grasshopper

photo illusion - fish head

photo illusion -  small and big

photo illusion

photo illusion -


 photo illusion - long cat in tube

photo illusions -

photo illusions - horse woman

photo illusions - guys leaning on ground

BYcOE6lCYAEVNS6.jpg large


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