Performing web audits is something that NexToronto typically does for potential clients, sales people and marketing agency partners. Probably 80% of all websites that I audit always seem to miss one or all of the following.

1. Not Responsive

As of April 2015 Google has launched Mobilegeddon which has said to penalize websites thatw were not mobile-friendly/responsive. If that’s the case then it can also be said that they are rewarding and ranking websites that are. Aside from making your website more accessible to users, 30% of Google overall searches are performed on mobile devices and 67% of local searches. If your company website is developed in WordPress and is not responsive no need to worry. NexToronto can help get your website running on all devices.

2. Slow Page Speed

Think about how you react when you visit a website that loads slowly. If you’re like most people than you’ll probably leave and look to another website. It’s amazing how most companies will settle on a slow loading website without understanding the repercussions. Having a high bounce rate can not only result in loss of traffic but can result in a major loss of revenue. Statistically a 1 second delay on a website can result in a 7% reduction in conversions. If you’re looking to test out your website speed visit If you’re looking to increase page loading on your WordPress website contact NexToronto.

3. No Social Media Presence

I’m currently rebuilding a website for a client who hired a marketing company two years ago to build his website. Surprisingly they missed the marketing part when they developed his original website. Google has put a lot of weight on social signals in the past years. Many companies also don’t realize how getting on social media can increase traffic significantly.

4. Little to No Content

Content is king is probably one of the biggest cliches in SEO. It’s amazing how people want to rank for certain keywords when they don’t exist on their website. It’s been known for a long time that Google likes unique and fresh content. This I recommend blogging to some of my clients. Not only does it help them rank better but it also shows that they are the experts in their industry.

5. Poor Title Tags

It’s argued that the title tag is the most important SEO onpage element on a website. The title tag is used as the title in your search engine listing in Google. Why wouldn’t you want to make it descriptive of the page content and include keywords you’d like to be found for. The length of your title tag should be a 55 character length. This week I found TWO different companies which were also multi-million dollar companies with the word “Home” in their title tag. Contact NexToronto and we’ll take a look at your website and make sure you’re making the best use of your title tags.