B and B Niagara (www.bandbniagara.com)I haven’t launched an affiliate based website for a long time and last month I finally decided I’d get my feet wet again with a simple travel website. Since my fiancee and I are in love with the Niagara-on-the-Lake region of Ontario for its historic town, beautiful landscapes and wineries I decided to focus on this geographic area as my niche.

I decided to create a website that provided bed and breakfast information, a directory for wineries and other travel information. It’s not exactly a website that I would use in my portfolio but I have to say it’s not bad for a pet project that was completed in 1 month. The site was mostly by outsourced to talent from upwork.com for less than $100 in data entry.

One of the reasons I decided to create this affiliate website was because I plan on teaching an affiliate marketing workshop in 2017 and wanted to show my attendees what could be accomplished in a short span of time on an almost shoestring budget.

Of course as a web developer I can easily output affiliate websites that can provide a passive income without a massive investment. I do recommend other web developers and marketers to become affiliate marketers for many reasons including:

  • It helps you become a better developer if you’re building your own website. Personally, I use my own affiliate websites to test out plugins and scripts first before I would implement them on a clients website.
  • It helps you learn about what works when it comes to SEO and internet marketing.
  • You can earn money.

Like all websites by NexToronto, BandB Niagara (www.bandbniagara.com) was developed using WordPress. I purchased a WordPress theme from themeforest.com called Book your Travel which allows me to manage bed and breakfast locations and wineries. I’ve had to make plenty of customization’s to the WordPress theme since it was originally developed for hotel booking to accept payment so I had modify it to  use affiliate an booking form.

While currently in development, B&B Niagara offers the following features:

  • Interactive maps to located bed and breakfast and wineries
  • Detailed pages for all bed and breakfast and wineries.
  • Hotel booking forms
  • Blog

While I do plan on eventually improving the site’s design my main focus is currently to populate it with useful Niagara-on-the-Lake travel information. If this project comes to fruition then I plan on launching more affiliate travel based websites. I’ll most likely not work with the theme I chose for this project but more interested to see what type of response and whether it’s worth pursuing this vertical.