The Toronto Affiliate Workshop

In 2018 I will be launching my first affiliate marketing workshops in Toronto and surrounding areas. Classes will be available through meetup goups and will be dedicated to those who are interested in becoming affiliate marketers. I an still considering how I want to breakdown the classes. Either a 1 day crash course or several classes by topic or level.

Topics covered in the affiliate marketing workshops include:

  • How to choose your niche
  • Choosing an Affiliate Network
  • Setting up a Basic Affiliate Website with WordPress
  • WordPress Plugins to BOOST your website
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Maintaining your website

I’m currently ironing out the details such as cost and location for the affiliate marketing workshops. I will likely host just a small trial group in the beginning who will likely have pay only a small fee. If you’re interested in attending please contact us.

My experience as an affiliate marketer

Danny D'Ambrosio

Danny D’Ambrosio, Affiliate Marketer

I stumbled upon affiliate marketing over 10 years ago while working downtown Toronto for a major media company. I was working as a web developer at the time and acquired a fair amount of knowledge of SEO that was mostly self taught.

As someone who was willing to try anything I created my first affiliate website that showcased home & garden products. I used my SEO knowledge to target all the product brands featured on the website. To my surprise, it only took one month before I started earning an average of $200/day and that number kept steadily growing. After a steady stream of income I decided to take the plunge and pursue a career as a full-time affiliate marketer.

A year later I was already earning 3 times the salary I was being paid at my previous job. And for 5 glorious years I worked at home having no boss, no schedule, no deadlines and no stress. It was truly a beautiful life! Unfortunately due to Google’s algorithm changes thousands of affiliate marketers like myself took a big hit as earnings started to dwindle and I forced to shut down sites that were no longer profitable.

The affiliate marketing landscape requires a lot more effort and strategy prior to 2009 when I was able to get away with some unethical (grey/black hat) search engine optimization tactics. I am not as profitable than previous years however still earn a monthly passive income.

Today, the success of an affiliate marketer has a lot to do with having compelling content, standing out in their niche and the ability to drive customers through their marketing efforts. I can certainly teach someone the tools but it’s ultimately up to them to take it to the next step.


I’ve attended my share of MLM meetings which were never by choice. I’ve had people tell me about a potential business opportunity which ended up being some person telling me how to make money through their pyramid (of course they don’t use that word), the beauty of making money or being self employed (like I need this explained) and selling to friends and family (who wants to harass people they know about a product they don’t need?).

When it comes to affiliate marketing anyone searching for an offer you are promoting is a potential customer. You’re not restricted to a handful of products through an MLM channel but literally hundreds of thousands of products. In fact, just about any product you can think of has an affiliate program tied to it.

How affiliate marketing worksWhat is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a method of performance based marketing where website publishers/bloggers are rewarded for each customer or visitor they refer to a website.

For example, I have a website that resembles an online store that promotes hundreds of products. When visitors attempt to purchase any products on the website they are redirected to the website that actually sells the product. If they make a purchase after visiting my website then I will earn a commission or dollar amount on the sale.

Ecommerce vs. Affiliate Marketing

Unlike running an ecommerce store, you don’t have to worry about stock, accepting credit cards, shipping & returns or having to deal with customers. You just need to focus on marketing your affiliate offers, refer customers and collect your monthly check from total earnings at the end of the month.

I’m not going to get into further detail about how to join affiliate networks/programs and marketing as this will be covered throughout the workshops.

If you are interested in becoming an affiliate marketer and would like to attend my workshops in 2018 please contact us and you will receive further information once the location and date will be finalized.