Amazing WordPress Stats You Can't Ignore in 2019

What is WordPress?

WordPress has become the world’s most widely used tool for building websites from simple blogs, corporate websites to large scale ecommerce platforms.

Whether you’re a web designer, professional web design company or even a non-developer, WordPress can help turn your website idea into reality.

As a content management system, anyone can manage content on their website easily through a secure dashboard. WordPress is also open source, which means that developers have access to its source code to make custom modifications.

The Difference Between vs

The Difference Between vs, is the where WordPress software can be downloaded so that it can later be installed on to web hosting platform. This is also considered a self-hosted solution. Since you have access to its code, you have 100% ownership of your website., is an online blogging platform. This hosted solution runs a modified version of WordPress that unlike the software, it’s not open source and has several limitations.

30 Interesting Stats & Facts about WordPress

If you’re new to WordPress, looking for WordPress statistics or looking for reasons as to why WordPress has become a global phenomenon, the following article will hopefully provide some helpful insight.

WordPress Powers 34.5% Of All Websites On The InternetClick To Tweet

It goes without saying that WordPress has changed the internet. WordPress powers over 1/3 of websites and that number is steadily growing.1

WordPress Holds 61.1% Market Share Of All Content Management Systems.Click To Tweet

From what has started as a blogging software has evolved as the most widely used content management system literally crushing the competition.

According to Glassdoor, the Average WordPress Developer Earns $64,000/year. Click To Tweet

Starting salaries for WordPress developers averages $44K/year while more experienced developers can make well over $100K/year.

On Average, 281 WooCommerce Startups Go Live Every DayClick To Tweet

WooCommerce is an ecommerce plugin that integrates with WordPress. Its rising popularity has been congruent with WordPress and has emerged as a global leader in ecommerce solutions. 2

WordPress Version 5.2 Has Been Downloaded 4.5+ Million Times Since Release.Click To Tweet

Not convinced of WordPress’ popularity yet? Since June 18, 2019 – August 18, 2018, it has been downloaded 4.5+ million times and this stat just keeps growing. Check out the live counter.

WordPress Is Used By 33.6% Of The Top 10 Million Websites In 2019.Click To Tweet

You can also rephrase this as 1/3 of most popular websites or exactly 3,360,000 most visited websites in the World. Let’s find out who some of them are…3

Big Brand Websites such as IBM, Microsoft and Walt Disney are Developed in WordPress.Click To Tweet

A common myth is that WordPress isn’t meant for big commercial projects. On the contrary. WordPress is trusted by many well known brands and fortune 500 companies including Walt Disney, Microsoft, Facebook, Staples, Mercedes-Benz, Sony Music and IBM.4

14.7% Of Top 100 Websites Are Powered By WordPress. Click To Tweet

This number is more impressive when you consider the fact that there are an estimated 4.5 billion websites on the internet.5

Only 22% Of WordPress Websites Are Currently Running The Most Recent Version.Click To Tweet

Every WordPress release provides bug fixes, optimized code, new features, enhanced features on existing code and security patches. This is important as 37% of vulnerabilities result from WordPress core files.6 7

There Are Over 50,000 Plugins Available On To Tweet

A plugin is piece of software or group of functions typically written in PHP. They can integrate into WordPress and provide new features & extend functionality.8

The Avada Premium Theme On Has Sold Over $25 Million In Item Sales In Just 6 Years.Click To Tweet

Avada Theme

Avada has been the top selling premium theme for over 6 years on the ThemeForest Marketplace which is the biggest WordPress theme repository. Due it’s impressive design, multiple layouts to choose from, easy to use page builder and comes feature packed.9

The WordPress Plugin 'Yoast For SEO' Has Been Downloaded Over 5 Million Times. Click To Tweet

Yoast for SEO is the most popular WordPress plugin for search engine optimization. It is becoming a standard by most WordPress developers and is effective in improving a websites visiblity in search engines such as Google.10

WordPress Has Been Translated In Over 70 Languages. Click To Tweet

Even though WordPress was originally developed in the US in native English, non-English downloads has surpassed English downloads. WordPress can also be configured to handle multiple languages.11

There Are More Than 46,000 WordPress Themes Available On Click To Tweet

Looking for a website design for your WordPress website? There are thousands of premium themes to choose from multipurpose themes to niche templates.12

Over 1.2 Million Websites Currently Use The WordPress DIVI Theme. Click To Tweet

DIVI is known also touted as the best selling WordPress theme in the world. It has become a favorite among web designers due its flexible layout a visual drag & drop builder. You can use DIVI as a website building framework to build beautiful websites without any coding.13

WooCommerce Is Used By 15% Of All Ecommerce Websites. Click To Tweet

As mentioned previously, WooCommerce is one of the most widely used ecommerce plugins in addition to allowing WordPress websites to create online shops and product catalogues.

Automattic, The Company Behind WordPress Is Worth $1.6 Billion. Click To Tweet

Founded in 2005 by Matt Mullenweg, Automattic is a web development corporation behind (the blogging platform) and behind the open source software available at

WordPress Is 10 Times More Popular Then Its Closest Competitor Joomla. Click To Tweet

Content management systems have empowered end users to manage content on their website. In a CMS debate, each camp typically think their choice is better however it goes unsaid that the majority clearly favours WordPress.15

There Has Been 368 WordPress Version Releases Since 2003. Click To Tweet

WordPress periodically releases updates to its software with improvements. As mentioned previously, these are extremely important, especially for security purposes.16

There Are An Estimated 24,808,989 Live Websites Currently Using WordPress. Click To Tweet
Automattic Has 941 Employees Working Remotely In 71 Countries. Click To Tweet

WordPress parent Automattic closed its San Francisco office because employees didn’t show up. Employees can now work remotely wherever they want and receive several perks including travel pay, no set number of vacations, company allowance, paid technology, open parent leave and more! 17

Automattic Head Office in San Francisco Closed

WordPress Is Open Source And Can Be Downloaded For Free. Click To Tweet

The open source software can be downloaded at for free and can be used on your preferred web hosting solution with your own domain.

Over 1/4 Of WordPress Users Make A Living From It. Click To Tweet

Whether you’re a full-time freelancer or work for a company, it has created a job market for WordPress Developers.

Many Celebrities Using WordPress Including Beyoncé, Jay-Z & J Lo. Click To Tweet

There is a long list of celebrities that have built their online presence using WordPress which include: Beyoncé, Jay-Z, Jennifer Lopez, Martha Stewart, Russell Brand, Woody Allen, Katy Perry, Snoop Dogg and many more!18

The Unofficial Mascot Of WordPress Is The Wapu. Click To Tweet

Wapu MascotMatt Mullenweg (CEO of Automattic) was excited when an active member of the Japanese WordPress community created the Wapu character  in 2009 which has since become the unofficial mascot.19

WordPress Is Developed Using 4 Core Languages (HTML, CSS, JS, & PHP). Click To Tweet

It’s often stated that you can develop WordPress websites without a single line of code. However, having an understanding of HTML, CSS, JS & PHP can allow WordPress developers to build far beyond the limitations of any themes or plugins. Offers Free Community Support Online Which Has Thousands Of Members. Click To Tweet

As with most open source software’s, WordPress is a community driven project. The support forum on has thousands of members who can help answer any questions.20

Many Popular Magazines & Major News Organizations Have Websites Developed In WordPress. Click To Tweet

WordPress is ideal for websites proving articles which is why it is being used by some of the largest media outlets including: Time Inc, BBC, New York Times, Rolling Stones, Bloomberg, Variety, MTV, Reuters and Vogue. 21

Final Thoughts

WordPress has changed the internet for the better by providing web design companies, web developers and even non-developers the ability to build professional websites.