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Athletes Kitchen

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Athletes Kitchen

ak-logo-transNexToronto launches Athletes Kitchen, a website that provides healthy meal plan delivery. You can choose from 3 meal plans (smart, paleo or athletes). Oscar Naziri, the CEO of Athletes Kitchen is not only someone who understands the science behind eating healthy but also someone who practices this lifestyle with his wife.

In Toronto, there really aren’t many food options¬†for those who are health conscious and live an active lifestyle. For those who live in the Toronto area there finally is an option as Athletes Kitchen will supply you with carefully calculated and well balanced meals right to your door step.

Athletes Kitchen is developed using a custom template integrated into WordPress. It took some time to get the site to function exactly as envisioned but the development hours from our end are always worth seeing our customers satisfied. After all we want to see our customers succeed and stand apart from their competitors.

We plan on assisting the growth of Athletes Kitchen to make sure they have an online presence and that they can efficiently run their business through our carefully developed solution.


Once you’ve selected your meal plan (smart, paleo or athlete) ¬†you can customize your plan based on the following parameters:

  • duration (weekly or monthly)
  • how many meals per day (2-6)
  • whether you want snacks included
  • choose which proteins not to include
  • provide any allergy information

If you’re not sure hat plan to choose from you can use Athletes Kitchen’s handy consumption calculator which will recommend a meal plan perfect for your lifestyle.




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