blocking wordpress comment spamIf you’ve launched a WordPress website that has comments enabled then get ready for an influx of comment spam.

Comment spammers only care about getting a backlink from your website for their own SEO benefit by posting a mute or unrelated comment on your blog posts.

Getting a lot of comment spam can additionally bloat your database. So why add the extra task of having to clean up your comment spam and protect yourself against it?

While there are plenty of known WordPress plugins available to help combat comment spam, some WordPress developers simply aren’t interested with the additional functionality that can contribute to bloating their website which may even impact site performance.

2 plugins that can help combat WordPress comment spam include:

Both of these plugins can be easily installed through your plugin library (Plugins->Add New). You can use the search in the top right corner to find these plugins, install and activate them. Once installed you can find WP SpamShield under your settings option or Stop Spammers under as a standalone option on the right WordPress menu.

So if you want to eliminate having to constantly clean up your comment spam and essentially give these spammers the middle finer then I highly suggest installing either of the suggested WordPress plugins.

If you have a WordPress website and interested in having us set this up for you, feel free to contact us.