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I’ve switched web hosting companies numerous times over the last 15 years due to lack of support, inflated costs or poor server technology.

Like many business owners, I’ve probably wasted thousands of dollars on unnecessary web hosting packages such as having a dedicated server for almost a decade amounting to $200 USD/month with the promise of delivering faster loading times.

Web hosting prices and server technology have dramatically changed over the years as bandwidth usage and disk quota have exponentially increased or become unlimited.

Also like most business owners, choosing a web hosting company was based on research and reviews on “best hosting companies” and doing my due diligence to see if they provided certain factors such as 24/7 phone support which for myself is a key factor.

In many if not most instance, most companies websites are hosted based on their web developers decision who was either inflating the costs on their own personal package or didn’t really know or care of the importance of having a reliable web hosting company. After all they were only focused on building the website and making it accessible via the internet.

The truth is, that choosing a web hosting company is one of the most important decisions a company can make for their online presence.

Choose the wrong hosting company and you will be dealing with a ‘host of issues’ (no pun intended) including: Poor loading times, down time, unknowledgable/unreliable/non-existent support, inflated costs, unnecessary additional fees and the list can go on. I’ve dealt with all of these and more.

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In 2016 I attended a WordPress Conference in Toronto and met with representatives from SiteGround Hosting and decided to try them out for some of my affiliate websites. Needless to say I was extremely pleased with the quality of service.

Let’s take a look at my personal experience with SiteGround Web Hosting which are some of the reasons this web hosting company is has emerged as leaders in their industry.

I’ve had to deal with numerous hosting companies in my career as a web developer and without a doubt SiteGround Web Hosting certainly deserves the title as “Best Hosting Company”. Sure, it’s not an official title and based on my experience. But having dealt with close to a hundred different web hosting companies and platforms, from basement companies to well known companies – SiteGround .. is .. the BEST!

Affordable Web Hosting

I recently migrated 15 of my websites to their GoGeek Package which costs $34.95/month which included first year discount of $11.95/month. This was a tremendous drop from the $149.95/month on a VPS package. SiteGround offers several hosting packages. For the record, I’m not a fan of any hosting packages specifically for WordPress which they and many hosting companies tend to offer. I find the GoGeek Package ideal whether you’re hosting a corporate website or an ecommerce website with thousands of products.

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Cloudflare CDN DeliveryCDN Hosting with CloudFlare

A Content Delivery Network or CDN is a network of servers which is deployed across the internet with a goal to provide end users optimized content delivery. Web objects including images, scripts and text are mirrored on a CDN network to provide better loading times which is especially useful if visitors are located far away from your web hosting servers location. This technology can reduce the stress on the hosting server and increase page loading times as web objects are called from nearby servers.

Installing a CDN on a website can often times become complicated through many third party CDN Networks that require a domain configuration or installing an additional plugin if you are running a WordPress website.

SiteGround Hosting offers a FREE content delivery setup through Cloudflare. In two mouse clicks you can install a CDN on your website which can improve user experience, page speed scores and search ranking (yes, speed is an SEO factor). I’ve setup Cloudflare before through their website in order to provide SSL and CDN capabilities, but the one-click setup saves me time.

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Free SSLLet’s Encrypt SSL

An SSL (Secured Socket Layer) Certificate is used to encrypt data that is passed between the browser to the server. It is something that is important to have installed if your website accepts personal or credit card information.

Google now flags websites that do not have SSL installed with an error message or page which can affect usability, bounce rates and even search ranking.

Many hosting companies typically charge a fee for an SSL certificate that can cost around $75/year and up. Site ground provides the ability to install SSL for FREE with the click of a mouse.

24/7 Phone and Chat Support

Siteground Customer Support

SiteGround’s level of support is by far the best I’ve experienced with any hosting company. Not only are they responsive via phone or chat, but they actually go above and beyond their services to troubleshoot issues.

I’ve recently been told that migrating websites could take up to a week from my previous hosting company whereas SiteGround would have it completed within 24 hours. On that note, they also provide an easy to use and handy WordPress migration tool if you’d like to replicate a WordPress website from another server.

Their staff are extremely friendly and always looking to get your problems solved.

Faster Website Loading Times

Google has made it clear that page speed can affect search ranking. While this metric is among many factors considered when ranking websites, this is one many web designers often ignore.

The common culprits to slow loading websites typically include over-sized images, non-optimized website code or if you’re website is developed in WordPress, the chosen theme or plugins installed can have a drastic impact.

One of the biggest factors that affect page speed which is outside of our hands is website hosting. If clients are on a poor hosting package we will provide them the option to migrate their website to SiteGround if necessary.

Through a combination of our technical expertise in WordPress and SiteGround’s web hosting, we’ve helped businesses achieve more aesthetically pleasing websites that load up to 50% faster then their previous websites.

If you’re looking to improve your website loading times give us a call and we’d be happy to provide our page speed optimization services.

Additional Features with SiteGround Hosting Go Geek Package

  • SG Optimizer for Page Speed Optimization
  • Staging Area for Testing
  • SG-Git for Version Control
  • WordPress Auto Update
  • FREE Backups
  • SSH Access
  • and more!

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NexToronto is committed to providing businesses the best online solutions which includes premium web hosting. We’ve helped several companies move their websites over to SiteGround hosting to benefit from affordable pricing and quality service in addition to improving a businesses online presence through improved site performance, search ranking, usability – factors which can lead to increased conversions and online success.

If you’re looking to get setup with SiteGround Hosting click on the button below.

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