Boost your AdWords Campaign with Landing Pages

Many companies running pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns are unfortunately sending traffic their website which may be poorly designed, have poor usability, no clear call-to-action, load slowly and a host of other issues that are deterring visitors from converting into leads or sales.

Another common issue I notice is when PPC ads point directly to the home page. Since the home page is typically a very busy page that can have several products, services and content that forces the visitor to search for what they’re looking for on the page and could potentially result in leaving the website.

This is why it’s important to direct traffic to a page that is relevant to your ads.

For example, if I’m running an adwords campaign for a car dealership that offers several vehicle types and I have an ad setup minivans then it would make sense to route visitors to the van category on the website.

Landing pages are very effective in increasing conversions as they send visitors to a well-design page that has content related to the ad they previously clicked on.

The AdWords algorithm will also look at the relevancy between an ad and the landing page and adjust the cost-per-click (CPC) accordingly. The more relevant the landing page, the cheaper the CPC.

This is why landing pages are effective and convert higher since you’re sending the visitor to a page that is relative to the ad they clicked on. is a website developed by NexToronto which is a series of microsites that are branded for each office location. For example, if a visitor clicked on an ad for the Toronto office then they were redirected to the Toronto office microsite.

If you’re wondering what a microsite is, think of it as an independant website that can live outside a main website and sometimes has its own branded domain, may have a unique theme, unique content or different campaign or conversion goals.

The 64 page website uses a WordPress multisite feature which allows multiple websites to be managed from a single dashboard rather than having multiple WordPress installations with several databases.

The AdWords campaign for Chande & Company was setup and managed by our company partner and Toronto search marketing guru – David Lonergan from

The PPC ads were setup with a geotargeted focus and linked to their respective office locations, conversion tracking was setup using Google Analytics, unique tracking phone numbers were setup using Call Rail and custom contact forms using Contact Form 7 which provided the URL of the page where form was submitted. The setup of the website allowed us to analyze analytics and conversions efficiently.

Microsites and landing pages are ideal for adwords campaigns, promotions, help communicate specific or specialized content, useful for targeting a specific audience .

If you’re looking to launch a successful Google AdWords campaign or develop website – contact us today!