Being an affiliate marketer isn’t what it used to be. It used to be easy as you could just throw a product on a website and use seo tactics that are no longer relevant and in no time you’d have a page that was ranking well in search results and earning commissions.

As Google cracked down on black hat SEO tactics it’s not as easy as it used to be. Affiliate marketing has become a lot harder. Gone are the days of just setting up product catalogs and comparison shopping sites and earning a big income. Truth is, affiliate marketers are mostly seen as middle men. They are a step between a buyer and a seller.

My first affiliate site would probably get de-indexed or rank horribly based on how it was created and managed. When I first started I didn’t know anything about SEO or affiliate marketing but I just loaded a website with products and hoped for the best. The site had affiliate offers across multiple verticals. My method could really be considered “throwing shit on a wall to see what would stick”. Somehow one product started doing well and I started reading more about SEO and refining my site. Within 5 months I was earning $200/day which isn’t bad for side money. Months later I quit my job and pursued being an affiliate marketer full-time and my life drastically changed from working in a corporate environment to working from my home office in my pajamas.

Things have changed for me over the past year. I’ve shifted my focus from being an affiliate marketer to also starting a new venture by launching an affiliate network called Currently SaleSlice is still in its infancy we try to gain more products and marketers. As they trickle in I do believe that SaleSlice is headed in a good direction as it offers exclusive As Seen on TV offers with great payouts. So

Google might be cracking down on affiliate-type websites but there are still plenty of ways of being a successful affiliate marketer. For instance if you have blog about a specific topic then it would be beneficial to find relevant products that can be marketed towards your visitors. For instance, if you own a fitness blog then it would make sense to market fitness equipment or nutrition products or if you own a beauty blog then you could market beauty products or cosmetics etc. The key is to make sure your site doesn’t come across as spammy.

The wrong question when starting a blog is how do I make money but what topic interests me. Since content has become the biggest influence on a sites SEO then it makes sense to choose a topic that you’d be interested in. If you own a youtube channel, a blog, are a influencer in social media then you can earn a great income simply by promoting our affiliate offers and generating sales. It’s simple, every time a sale takes place as a result of your unique tracking link or banners you get paid.

To answer the question whether you can still make money as an affiliate marketer. Hell yes! I’m still making money and there are people earning hundreds to thousands per day. If you’re interested in becoming an affiliate marketer and have a topic you’re really passionate about. Just send me an email and i’ll give you FREE advice on how you can earn money.