Many web designers and professional web design companies often launch websites and ignore key factors which could otherwise improve user experience, increase search rankings or most importantly increase business growth.

Unfortunately for many business owners have no idea what was missed, deliberately skipped and is keeping their website from getting results.

The following free online tools can help pinpoint obvious issues which may holding your website back achieving its online goals.


Website Page Speed Score

Website speed matters more than ever before. Google has made it clear that page speed can affect search ranking, especially now that mobile search has surpassed desktop.

The average website requires 22 seconds to load on mobile devices however 53% of users have admitted they would abandon a website if it took longer than 3 seconds to load.

Have a slow loading website can affect leads & sales. A 1 second delay can translate to a 7% decrease in sales. is an online tool which lets you how fast your website loads along with a website grade. It also provides valuable insight into what issues may be bogging your website down.

Tip: Large image sizes are the common culprit to slow page loading. They can increase page weight and as a result affect page speed. Be sure to optimize image sizes.

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2. Verify SEO

web design seo report

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the practice of improving a websites visibility in search engines.

There are several factors which can contribute to how websites rank such as domain age, backlinks, content and user experience.

One surefire way to get your website to rank for a particular keyword or phrase is by using it on your website.

Verify SEO is a tool that checks to see if a target keyword is used within certain elements within your website.

3. Website Grader 

website grader

Website Grader by HubSpot is another basic tool that can give you insight into common issues that can affect a websites online visibility and user experience.

Whether you’re a site owner or web designer, this tool can give you a grade based on major factors which contribute to a websites success such as performance, security, SEO and how it renders on mobile devices.

A basic report – yes, but certainly one that sheds light on common issues often ignored by web developers.

4. Responsive Tester

google mobile friendly checker

It blows my mind that some websites still aren’t responsive in 2019. But I’m guessing some site owners either don’t know or don’t care.

Google has stated that website responsiveness can affect a search ranking. So if your website can only be viewed on desktop, then you need to get this fixed.

As of 2018, mobile search has surpassed desktop. So not having a mobile friendly website can keep visitors from viewing your website properly and increase bounce rates.

61% of users are unlikely to return to a mobile website they had issues accessing and 40% visit a competitor’s site instead.

If you’re looking to check whether your site is mobile friendly, you can use the following tool using the Mobile Tester by Google  or the Responsive Design Checker tool.

5. Siteliner

Siteliner SEO Tool

Siteliner is another free online SEO tool that analyzes websites and reveals key issues that can may affect your search engine rankings including:

  • Page Power – Pages that are most prominent in the search results.
  • Duplicate Content – Highlights any duplicate content, excluding navigation and menus. Duplicate content can negatively affect search engine rankings.
  • Broken Links – Scans your site for any broken links. Broken links can negatively affect user experience and search engine ranking.
  • SEO Report – craws your XML sitemap ad provides key information for every page.

Surveys show, that only 23% of users who came to 404 error page, make a second attempt to find the requested page, and the remaining 77% will leave the site forever!


These free online tools can certainly provide valuable insight for both business owners, website managers and web designers.

If you’re looking to address any issues outlined from using the free online tools above, we can help.

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