As I’ve commonly found that SEO seems to be neglected by most web development companies, conversion tracking is also a metric that is commonly disregarded when it comes to running search engine marketing.

In my opinion, conversion tracking is the most important metric to measure in order to to figure out if you’re actually getting a positive ROI. I recently discovered that a large Toronto-based internet marketing company had been running a Google AdWords account for one of my new clients for MONTHS without having website call conversion tracking setup and no idea whether they were getting a return on their investment through their search marketing efforts. Sadly it wasn’t.

Cost per Conversion (CPC) is another important metric that tells you how much your spending to generate a new lead. It is derived by dividing the total number of conversions from the cost of generating traffic. This metric must be monitored so that you can find out whether you’re spending your advertising bucks wisely.

Example: If you’re running a Google AdWords campaign with a budget of $1000/week and only generated two conversions that would mean your CPC is $500. This might make sense if product or service sells for over $1000, otherwise you’re not getting an ROI.

Whether your goal is to track sales on an ecommerce website or leads from visitors who filled out a form on your website, it’s equally important to track phone calls that are a result from visitors who clicked on one of your ads. Website call tracking is something that many search engine marketers don’t implement.

If you’re website provides a product or service that requires a large commitment or has a price point then it’s likely people will want to call your number to find out more information. These calls should be tracked conversions and provide better insight on the ROI of your AdWords campaign.

Luckily, setting this up is not difficult at all and if you’re running a WordPress website is extremely easy. It requires some configuring in your Google AdWords account and adding a couple pieces of code to your website.

The following steps will help you setup Google AdWords website call tracking in your WordPress website:

1. In Google AdWords, select Tools -> Conversions in the top menu

google adwords website call tracking on WordPress









2. Click on the red +CONVERSION button on the top left

google adwords website call tracking on WordPress







3. Select “Phone calls” to track calls to your business using a Google forwarding number or by adding a tag to your website.

google adwords website call tracking on WordPress













4. Choose the second option “Calls to a phone number on your website”

google adwords website call tracking on WordPress












5. Fill out the New Conversion Action form to provide basic information on the conversion and how it relates to your business.

google adwords website call tracking on WordPress




















5. You can use either options 1 or 2 to have Google Adwords replace your websites phone number with a Google forwarding number which will be used to track website call conversions. I chose option 1 since it’s simpler but if you choose option 2 you need to add the following HTML tags wrapped around your phone number <span id=”number“></span>. The generated javascript which is shown below highlighted in grey must go in the <head> section of your website.

google adwords website call tracking on WordPress

















6. In your WordPress dashboard you can add this piece of JavaScript into the WordPress themes header by selecting Appearance->editor. Make sure you select the correct theme dropdown on the top right and edit the file header.php. The code MUST be inserted before the </head> tag. Alternatively you can also insert this code through your WordPress theme which can be found under Appearance->Theme Options.

After you have configured the website conversion tracking in Google AdWords and implemented the generated code to your website it may take up to 48 hours before it starts to take effect. Unfortunately to test the website call tracking requires you clicking on one of your ads. So make sure you generate your ad in Google with a keyword that has a low average CPC. You’ll know it’s working when you start seeing a Google forwarding number in place of your websites original phone number.

Hope this helps! If you have any comments or questions feel mention them below or if you would like hire NexToronto WordPress Development & Internet Marketing to run Google AdWords for your business give us a call at 416.893.3231 or fill out our contact form.