responsive Google chrome extensionThere was a time when building websites was a lot simpler. They were designed typically to be 980px wide, the majority of people used Internet Explorer and internet on cellphones (what are now smartphones) wasn’t even imaginable.

The introduction of new browsers introduced a new problem. Developing websites had become a nightmare since you had to deal with browser compatibility and also browser version compatibility.

Then along came smartphones where users were provided the ability to check emails, look at funny cat videos and browse to their hearts content however a new demand was introduced. Web developers had to develop mobile versions of websites or create “mobile responsive/mobile friendly”  websites which adjusted according to the screen size or device size. Today this method of developing websites is simply called “responsive” .

Testing responsiveness is a step that is often overlooked by most developers or they just aren’t equipped with the correct tools for testing on devices that include iPad’s, Tablets and a multitude of devices with different screen sizes.

I’ve previously written and tweeted about the issues with outsourcing web development overseas but one common issue I’ve come across time and time again with developers was not testing for responsiveness. In many situations I’d let the developer know that it wasn’t working on a certain device and without fail they would tell me they didn’t own the device so they couldn’t test it.

website responsive testerWell the good news for those developers is that they don’t have to go out and buy every device to test responsiveness. There are chrome extensions that provide the ability to test your website for popular devices including tablets, phones and phablets.

The extension I’ve been using for years called “Responsive Website Tester” has been removed from the Google extension library. This isn’t surprising since I had browser issues the morning of writing this article which were immediately resolved after removing the plugin. It also didn’t test for iPhone 6.

Mobile/Responsive Web Design Tester is just one of the few Google Chrome extensions available to test responsiveness. This easy to use extension allows web developers to easily test on all common devices such as including IPhone, IPad, Galaxy, Tablet, Kindle and others. Installing Mobile RWD Tester takes seconds. To use it just click on the icon in the top right of your browser and select the device you would want to test for.

I recommend using this extension or some variation to test website responsiveness so you can rest assured that all visitors are all able to interact with your website and have a positive experience.