wordpress doctorIt’s 2017 and mobile devices have surpassed desktop when it comes to performing Google searches yet for some reason many large companies STILL have websites that are not mobile friendly which load slowly due to poor design/hosting ¬†or have a site design that hinders on the visitors experience. All this adds up to what’s called a high bounce rate or simply people leaving their websites. These 3 factors mentioned could hurt a websites Google ranking and therefore traffic is lost to competitors who decided to address these issues.

The consequences of their poor online presence often times goes back to who they originally hired, whether it was a web designer who lacked knowledge or the developer they hired off freelancer to save a few bucks. While they thought they were getting a bargain when comparing to other professional web development and internet marketing companies the only person/business who really profited was their competitors who did the opposite.

You may have saved a few bucks on your initial development but it’s your competitors who will profit from gaining all the ¬†potential customers and clients you could have had.

Maybe site owners think the search results are like roulette wheel or they happen to know someone that works at Google. The truth is that having great search ranking and getting traffic to your website requires understanding search engine optimization (SEO).

Alternatively, business owners may have hired an SEO company to optimize a poorly designed website then scratching their heads why their site isn’t generating leads or sales.

NexToronto is a Toronto based WordPress development, SEO and internet marketing company which has now started offering one hour consulting service that is targeted to business who have WordPress websites. Clients will be able to share their screen with a professional WordPress, SEO and internet marketing expert to provide feedback on to improve their website for better search ranking, how to improve their website user experience and a WordPress audit provided we have access to your dashboard. The total cost is only $299.

  • Site design & user experience
  • On-Page and off-page SEO
  • Site performance
  • WordPress audit
  • And more…

As one of the experts, I have more than 15 years experience in WordPress, SEO, search marketing and web development. I have not succeeded as an affiliate marketer creating websites which have generated millions in sales in addition to helping companies evolve from startups to million dollar corporations.

Through my WordPress checkup service I’m looking to provide site owners and businesses much needed information which might help them gain the competitive edge.

With the information received companies can choose to either hire NexToronto WordPress Development for the improvements to be made or just pass the information to their own web developer to implement the recommendations.

If your’re interested in this service please signup through our WordPress Checkup page and we will setup a date/time to audit your website so your not just another site on the web.