hiring a web developer in torontoThere are hundreds of companies and probably thousands of web developers in Toronto which means that competition is pretty stiff. Hiring the right person or company to for web development to handle your online presence is a crucial step that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Nowadays choosing the right web development or marketing agency to work with is just as important as choosing the right location for your business.

What is their track record and portfolio like?

To myself this is an obvious question but unfortunately it’s grossly overlooked. It boggles my mind how many companies will blindly hire a company or person for a job that they have virtually no experience or track record. Just as surprising it surprises me that a company or person would take on a task they cannot perform. I don’t subscribe to the “fake it til you make it” attitude. I want to KNOW that I am going to provide quality service and deliver results.

What are their qualifications and relevancy?

Similarly to the previous question. What credentials or educational background do you have. There is a common misconception that a web designer and web developer are one and the same. A web designer is someone focused on the front-end of a website or how it looks versus a web developer who is responsible for the back-end or how it functions. While budget is always a concern be sure that you are making the right investment. Sure you might save some dollars hiring your niece who is a graphic designer to build our website. But is she capable of making you a website that users can interact with and more importantly drive leads/conversions ?

Do they understand Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Internet Marketing?

Google has a complex algorithm which determines how it ranks websites. So hiring someone who is familiar with SEO is a crucial part of building a website. Unfortunately¬† this is commonly missed and businesses end up paying for websites that serve almost no purpose. While SEO contributes to how your website is listed organically in the search results you can also opt in for paid results which are the ads that display on the top and right side. Afterall, don’t you want traffic or customers to visit your website ?

Do they build their websites using a Content Management System or CMS?

A Content Management System allows an end user to easily manage the content on a website. WordPress has become the most widely used CMS in the world and is a standard for almost every website we launch. Since clients get control and aren’t at the mercy of their web developers for every change, they can expand the content on their website to rank better. They will also save money from having to spend money every time they want to update their website. Clients are happier and in our opinion – everybody wins.

Do they outsource their work?

Many web companies in Toronto are known to outsource their work overseas where wages are low and unfortunately quality of work is even lower. As someone who has outsourced in the past I can tell you this almost never works out. Of course outsourcing isn’t only overseas, as local Toronto companies have been known to outsource locally tacking margins greater than 40%. Of course no company will probably admit to this you’ll have to just hope for honesty.

It is important to hire the right company or talent the first time otherwise you will end up wasting a lot of time and money. NexToronto is a Toronto-based web development and internet marketing company which specializes in WordPress Development. We provide integrated approach all done in-house.

So what are you waiting for ? Contact us today so we can help your business make a statement online.