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How I lost weight and got back into shape

//How I lost weight and got back into shape

How I lost weight and got back into shape

danbefore-afterWeight loss is not about short term diets but should be viewed as a lifestyle change. Unfortunately there is no quick and easy way to do this however I firmly believe that anyone can attain their desired body along with the more important benefits such as health, vitality and longevity with the right dedication.

I went from being a gym addict to a complete slob living a very sedentary lifestyle for a good 5 years. I literally sat most of the day whether I was in my car, in a train or at a computer. My diet consisted of a lot of junk food including hamburgers and fries almost every day to the point where the lunch chef would joke around about how it was the only thing I would order on the menu.

I decided to get in shape after I got out of a long relationship and set out to figure out the best way to quickly shed off all the weight I had packed on over the course of 5 years. I’m not saying I was obese but my fat range was roughly 30%, had a case of  bitch tits creeping up on me and my gut started to sag over my belt.


If you’re trying to lose weight don’t think stepping in the gym is the answer. That’s just part of the equation and don’t pat yourself on the back just because you managed to make it to the gym because what you do in the gym is what really counts. It’s not just about how long you’re in the gym but the intensity of your workout. Weight training is a key ingredient because you’ll burn more calories over a 24 hour period then cardio which is only for the duration of the cardio. Weight training + cardio will surely set you in the right direction.

315 reps


Find a type of cardio you enjoy and this doesn’t need to be restricted to going to the gym either. I would alternate days whether it was running outside or skipping. If you really want to burn off those calories then I highly recommend skipping since you can burn 10 times more calories than a hard run while skipping. When I do cardio I consider it over when I either reached a certain number of calories burned and my shirt is completely drenched with sweat. Once again intensity is key so don’t be that person on their cellphone chatting and walking.


This is the most important part of losing weight and to fast track your success you need to understand how many calories you’re consuming. Find out what your max caloric intake is by using the following Calorie Calculator (

Once you’ve figured out that number try to plan your meals around them. This is where I started reading food labels, weighing my food and using a measuring cup to prepare my meals and what I found was I was overeating. Even though I was eating less food I was always satiated at the end of my meals.

Here are a few changes I’ve made to my diet to drop the weight:

  •  No more sugar, sugary beverages. Drink only water!
  • Keep only healthy food in the house
  • No more pasta, breads and now I’m practically gluten free
  • Supplements taken included Creatine, Protein, Essential Oils, Multi-Vitamin, CLA, Pre-Workouts, Protein, Glutamine, Arginine, BCAA’s
  • Added superfoods such as almonds, kale, cinnamon, quinoa, blueberries etc.
  • Apples to curb any sweet tooth cravings
  • More greens

This is just a glimpse at what I did to lose the weight and get back into shape. These changes have helped melt way the body fat and gain lean muscle. I’m in better shape now than I was at 25 and I think the results speak for themselves based on my body composition was tested in 2012 and I eventually weighed 196 lbs with under 9% body fat and metabolic age of a 12 year old. I’m looking forward to writing more in-depth articles on fitness and nutrition to hopefully inspire and help others who are looking to lose weight, build muscle and lead a healthier lifestyle.

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