klout twitter facebook linkedin google plusFor those familiar with SEO and Google Pagerank know that it determines a site popularity and assigns a value between 1-10. A cool thing I discovered last week was a site that was able to assign your social media popularity.  Klout (www.klout.com) is a San Francisco based company which looks at your Twitter, Google Plus and Facebook accounts and assigns a number out of 100 to determine your social influence on the internet. To find out your score just join the site and it will provide your score. It mainly uses 3 different metrics such as true reach, amplification and network in quantifying your Klout score.

True Reach is essentially how popular you are, network is simple is basically how popular your followers are. So if you’re followed by popular people or others with high Klout score then it’s likely that you’ll get a high Klout score too.

Amplification is how much your followers respond to your tweets. Many companies think that simply setting up a Twitter account will get people listening to their tweets about what they have to offer. Chances are nobody is listening to their one way conversation as they shout deals into the Twitterverse and likely to get unfollowed. The true way of using Twitter is by becoming part of the conversation.

Network just means how popular are the people in your network. Even if you have few followers and those followers have a high Klout score this is better than having many followers who are low on the Klout scale. Being followed by Justin Beiber would automatically raise your Klout Score than having a thousand bots following you.

A lesson I’ve learned is try and have fun with Twitter. Start and participate in discussions. Share interesting information that is likely to be retweeted. I’ve honestly found that radio stations to be a great idea since they not only generally have a huge following but often tweet out questions to their audience looking for responses.

Currently my Klout score is at 54 which is decent. I’ve gone up 11 points just this week which is a huge leap. Personally I wouldn’t obsess over Klout but it’s a nice pat on your back if your Klout score has gone up.

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