How to Install WordPress

Working with WordPress for newbies can be very intimidating in the beginning. As you start to build your website and understand its capabilities you’ll begin to realize why it is the most widely used content management system on the internet. In this article I’m going to cover how to install WordPress.

Installing a fresh installation of WordPress can be done in two ways: Manually or by using a Quick Install tool available through your web hosting interface.

CPanel is the most commonly used web hosting software by companies such as Blue Host, GoDaddy and Hostgator which provides a Quick Install method of installing WordPress that doesn’t require at technical background on databases and can be done in just minutes.

Installing WordPress Manually

This method isn’t difficult but is certainly unnecessary due to quick install tools provided by hosting companies.  If for some reason you’d want to install WordPress manually you can do so by using the following steps.

1. Download the latest copy of WordPress from

2. Using an FTP client software such as Filezilla to connect to your web server. Upload the files to your public_html folder or sub folder where you want your website to reside. This can be done in one of two ways.

i) Unzipping the WordPress zip file to your local computer and uploading its contents to the server which will take about 10 minutes depending on your internet connection.

ii) Using File Manager in Cpanel.

Upload the WordPress zip file  then right click and choose extract.

3. Create the MySQL database and user

i) Select MySQL Databases in the CPanel dashboard

ii) Enter the database name and click Create Database button

iii) Create a database user

iv) Assign user to the database created

v) Assign full privileges to database

vi) Run WordPress installation wizard by visiting your domain.

vii) Enter your MySQL database credentials previously created.

viii) Run the WordPress installation

ix) Enter credentials for your WordPress website. This is what you will use to login to your websites backend to manage your website.

x) Congratulations you’ve installed WordPress! To access your WordPress dashboard to manage your website, click the login button or visit your domain followed by /wp-admin so the final url would look like

Installing WordPress through CPanel

Depending on your hosting company you can install WordPress within minutes through your web hosting interface using Softaculous and selecting WordPress under the Autoinstallers section or WordPress Installer under WordPress Tools.

Fill out the installation form with your website details and click the install button. The database will be automatically created for you.

That’s it! One you have WordPress installed, you can customize your website appearance with a theme and add functionality by adding plugins. In later posts I plan on providing basic WordPress tutorials on developing in WordPress and managing your website.