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Hulk Hogan Vs. SEO/Branding and Web Hosting

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Hulk Hogan Vs. SEO/Branding and Web Hosting

hulk hogan google plusHulk Hogan was one of my childhood heroes who I’ve admired back when WWE was known as WWF. When I went on a YouTube journey this morning I was quite surprised to watch him interact with a bunch of keyboard jockey’s like myself about Google, SEO, web hosting and branding. I honestly had no idea how the Hulk was going to contribute to the conversation but in the end I was quite impressed with the outcome. As SEO quickly evolves it has become more evident that social media and branding have become more important for businesses and websites. We see how this relates to Hulk Hogans success with his own personal Hulkamania brand.

Other topics covered in this video include: the semantics of search, Google authorship, building loyalty and relationships with your audience, the importance of building a brand and authenticity and how to adapt to Google. I have summarized some of the key points made from most of the speakers involved in the video. As most of my summaries on each speaker are redundant, the message is still pretty powerful.

Ben Fischer from SteadyDemand chairs the videocast where brings together various SEO experts who each explain how search has evolved and how to adapt by creating an identity. Web hosting ties into this conversation since speed and the SEO tools available from a hosting company can have a business establish their identity and their overall impact on the web.

Mark Trapphagen who is an SEO expert from Virante.Org speaks about the various Google products and the introduction of Google Plus as it wasn’t the social network that was going to rival Facebook as many like myself perceived it to be. He goes on to speak about how effectively using Google Plus can make an impact on comments, videos and website(s). Google Plus essentially ties in all the different products under the Google umbrella labels it as the “heartbeat of Google”. Those who use it will most likely get precedence when interacting or using the other tools. Google Authorship is specifically allowing ¬†users to create Google plus profiles to identify themselves and connect to their content. As Google links these authors with their content so that users can know about what you write, how you write and much social shares revolve around your content. If this happens regularly then this means that a person has authority in a certain area or topic and Google will figure out the influential people and content creators. Google is no longer looking at static pages and static phrases but instead looks at people in a semantic way. Who they are and what they say has now become relevant to how brands are gauged in search. He relates how Google is moving into an era of personal brand and how how Hulk Hogan has done so with his own personal brand is the way business and people need to do so with their online presence.

hulk hogan google search podcastHulk Hogan briefly speaks about how he cultivated his fan base by elevating and helping people and engaging his fans. He touches on the importance of finding yourself and authenticity, believing in your brand and being consistent with your message and developing customer loyalty with your fan/customer base. Hulk gets philosophical and mentions how you get back from what you project into the world. Hulk states he looks up to these SEO experts and he’s determined to learn all there is to know about web hosting and SEO.

Joshua Berg, Google Plus and SEO consultant ( mentions how many have hypothesized the influence of social media and its effects on search and has discovered that Google Plus has had more influence than any other social media tool available as it provides certain social signals and verifies entities with people and businesses. These social signals are non-existant in other social media platforms such as Twitter or Facebook. Much like how pagerank operated in the past, you can now do so with profiles and communities as you pass “pagerank” when you mentioning someone. This social signal helps build authority and passes pagerank. This authority that is built overtime can be effective across all platforms.

David Amerland ( who is an author and speaker labels Google Plus as a game changer. He talks about semantic search and how Google has moved away from keywords and linking to trying to understand the content on the page and how its meaning connects to an entire subject and the intent of the author. With semantic search this creates an almost artificial intelligence that provides the most relevant information to the searches as Google essentially looks at the meaning behind the search and queries. David speaks about the importance of authorship businesses/authors and readers on a more personal level. Business has become very personal and if you can’t find how to project your business in a unique way then you’re just another number and like everyone else. Semantic search allows users to be able to make a more informed decision and how they can connect with you. If you really want to succeed you have to be real and that there are no more shortcuts in SEO. It is to your benefit to connect with influencers. He goes on to speak about how you can’t fake being authentic and authenticity is the “real secret sauce” as it helps create a real bond with your audience and assist in create lasting relationships in business.

Raj Nijjir Senior Directer at Godaddy talks about how small businesses can make an impact in search. He mentions how small businesses should focus on how to become a brand, get their brand out there and where are how to locate their target customers. Godaddy provides their small business with a schema so that Google can better understand the merchants intent. They try to simplify the process by assisting in important on-page SEO factors such as title tags, sitemaps, redirects etc. while helping businesses get their brand out and communicate who they are on the web. All this is incorporated in a new point and click SEO tool which Godaddy offers.

hostamaniaMark Hargrove has been in the web hosting business for 15 years and competed in a very saturated industry. He one day decided to do something different than everyone else in the web hosting industry and focus on creating a recognizable brand much like how Bob Parson has done with Godaddy. Godaddy as most know is the most well known brand at the moment and much success came from from running their commercials during the Superbowl. Mark has decided to rival Godaddy by teaming up with Hulk Hogan and leveraging his Hulkamania brand to create the web hosting company known as Hostamania. Hostamania currently offers 6 months free hosting to any business and has Mark has also acquired one of the largest SEO platforms called Attracta to provide both hosting and SEO solutions for businesses.

I think it’s becoming very clear as Google continues to launch updates especially after the infamous Panda and Hummingbird updates that it’s more about how to establish your brand and use social media effectively than the old shady off-page SEO tactics. SEO companies which make outlandish promises such as first page results will soon become irrelevant as the message becomes clearer that tactics like buying backlinks are of no use anymore and it’s become more about social sharing, becoming an authority on a subject and developing personal brand.

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