I recently saw ads on kijiji for websites ranging from $150-$500 which of course to a business owner this probably sounds like a great deal however to a web developer like myself I know that you’re probably getting a website that offers little to no value. Companies get duped daily by offshore web developers who sometimes pretend to be local businesses while luring them in with substantially lower prices. Businesses who fall for this ultimately enter the online race against their competition in cars with no engines.

Occcasionally I get someone who tries to haggle the cost of a project after they’ve received a quote which is both uncomfortable and not to mention bizarre since they probably wouldn’t do this with other services such as plumbers or painters. Quotes ar developed honestly and based on the scope of work.

Web development companies overseas that are economically poor and have lower cost living standards are now trying to compete with companies in Canada and the US by charging a fraction of the cost. While this is appealing to many businesses who are looking to get a website for cheap it unfortunately never ends well for them. I don’t see these companies as a threat since I deal with companies who understand the cost of quality.

Quality websites take time and sorry to be cliche but time is money. Paying little for your website means that corners will be cut unfortunately this is usually unknown to the client. When you pay little for your website you’re likely getting a templated website with inserted logo and content and thrown together in such a way the it’s likely to break down the road.

I get the occasional calls from companies who need me to fix a website that was developed by offshore developers who did a poor job (in fact I even got one this week). In most cases it’s a complete do-over since it was thrown together, the developers got paid and then were unresponsive after shit hit the fan.

If you’re looking to pay little for your company website and then you probably don’t undestand that you won’t be able to do well against your competetitors who made the right choice and hired a local company. Hiring a local web development company will without a doubt provides you the following benefits:

1. Quality Development & Service – Many times I’ve received phone calls from people who have purchased websites from overseas companies that were defective or broke after a simple WordPress update. Without getting technical I understand why they cut corners and to put it simply it’s to justify selling a low budget website.

2. Communication – Being able to communicate effectively with your web development and internet marketing company means that you can explain your companies objectives and brand.

3. Better Maintenance & Support – The best person to work on your site is the same person you developed it. They understand the structure and code. When an emergency arises you probably want to pick up the phone and get a response if something happens to go wrong. Hiring overseas means working with someone who is on a completely different schedule and likely to be MIA after they built the site.

4. Competative Edge – We take pride in seeing our clients do well, who get a positive ROI, outrank their competitors, are easily found and are generating leads or seeling products. Quite simply their website serves a purpose.

If you’re planning on having a website developed for your business then I highly suggest hiring a reputable company, staying away from overseas developers and having a reasonable budget. Instead of just looking for the cheapest developers available.