Ever met someone that was involved in Multi Level Marketing (MLM) ? They suddenly have this glazed look on their face like they just joined a cult. Good luck having any rational debate or question what they are doing. These victims have already been programmed to look at others that oppose them as “sheeple”, the 99% or mediocre people who work JOB’s or according to them Just-Over-Broke.

The psychological tactics used by these MLM scams are almost identical to those used by cults. The farther in these people are invested the more sullied their minds become as any logic or skepticism is replaced by a script. Some of these scams will even tell their participants not to research them online because they don’t want you to be misled by those who challenge their program. And don’t question the business model because they’ll spin it into how you don’t want to be successful.

I’m inspired by people with great talent or stories of those who have overcome some sort of adversity in their life. Maybe that’s why I love underdog movies so much such as Rudy, Pursuit of Happyness, Invincible, The Hammer etc. I’ve even came up with a list on a past blog.

What I’m NOT inspired by is people who talk about how to be happy in life and even more entertaining is watching them preach about how to become successful. But I always question their story; what success have they achieved to justifying their position to inspire others. In most cases I look at them like a 500 pound fat man trying to give health and fitness advice.

For the record, I’ve been a fan of self development ever since my brother purchased some Anthony Robbins cassettes in the late 90’s. I found Tony Robbins and others like Zig Ziglar motivational. To this day I still like listening to Eric Thomas, Les Brown and others pump me up. However there was always one major ingredient that couldn’t be answered. What was my purpose ? That questions is one that only you can answer. Go ahead and read as many books and spend countless dollars on seminars and programs as you’d like but that 1 question can only be answered internally.

While people are on this path of searching for their purpose they are vulnerable and susceptible to the wolves of MLM.

If I ask someone about their business, they can generally break it down in 30 seconds. Ask someone in MLM and they’ll go on a monologue about success and being rich with their glazed look.

Go to any MLM meeting and it takes an hour for them just to get to the point. They’ll usually start off like this:

  • some leader walks in the room and gets people to cheer and pump up the crowd
  • talk about why it’s better to own your own business
  • touch on how people on your phone/social media contacts are possible customers
  • Quote and name dropping Donald Trump, Bill Gates and Robert Kiyoseki
  • throw large numbers at you such as annual salaries
  • buy our success package or come to an expensive seminar

Of the 50 or so people I know personally that got involved in MLM ended up losing money, damaging relationships with family/friends and in some cases eventually facing depression when it was all over. Had they used that same energy into something more logical they would have found more success.

Here’s a list of MLM companies I’ve been exposed to personally (not joined thankfully):

  • Veema
  • Primerica
  • ACN
  • Usana
  • Amway
  • Global Wealth
  • Landmark

I’m not trying to slam anyone personally because I know a lot of good people who have either brought me to meetings, sell me their products or deeply involved. Be a skeptic in the ideas, dreams and “opportunities” people are trying to sell you. Do your research! Nothing in life comes easy and even these charlatans will tell you that. Be careful where you invest your energy and emotions because you might just fall into one of these rabbit holes that I’ve seen some close to me fall victim to.