Today I’m going to talk about a popular outsourcing website called Fiverr which I believe started off by offering services for $5 bucks but now for the most part services are predominantly higher.

If you do plan on hiring a freelancer overseas I do recommend using outsourcing websites such as which I’ve mentioned in previous videos. These outsourcing websites provide protection so that funds are only released when the job is completed. If you don’t use outsourcing websites then you’re more likely just donating money away and taking a large risk of losing your money.

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If you’re not educated in what you’re hiring for then you’re likely to be subject to getting scammed. Especially when it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) which is such an ambiguous topic alone that most people don’t fully understand. People easily become vulnerable to the many snake oil salesmen who offer services such as link building and the type of results you can expect are more likely to negatively impact your website rankings rather than improve it.

I recently hired someone on Fiverr for press release distribution. So basically I would write a press release and they would syndicate it through multiple news websites or that’s usually how that would work.

In my opinion press releases do provide value in link portfolio since many of the websites that the content is submitted to usually have high Domain Authority.

Domain Authority for those who don’t know is a search ranking score developed by the company MOZ that predicts how well a website will rank and is calculated by several factors including links. Having high domain authority websites pointing your site can also boost your domain authority score which can result in boosting your search engine ranking.

Typically, press release websites have high domain authority so it’s not a bad idea to have these links point to your website especially if you’ve recently launched a new website which is when I’ll sometimes use this service.

In the past I’ve used reputable press-release services that range from $200-400 and I would get about 100-200 backlinks from high DA news websites.

I recently decided to give Fiverr a chance to see what type of results I’d get from one of their press-release services for $30. I used on one of my affiliate websites as a guinea pig for testing as was interested to see how it compared to the more reputable services I’ve used in the pasdt. I choose a freelancer who had a 5 star rating with a long list of glowing reviews which I’m guessing are fake.

In less than 24 hours I was provided a PDF with all the links that were submitted to about 150 websites. 20% of the links were on non-existent sites or lead to a 404 page, 20% were on the same website and the rest were on poorly made websites that were clearly created for this type of service as they all looked exactly the same except having a different logo and domain.

One major issue I noticed was that the press releases were nowhere to be found on the websites or part of the site link structure. If a link not accessible by spiders or on a standalone page there is no chance of that link being found and therefore there is no benefit to that backlink.

Needless to say I was very dissapointed with the results.

The freelancer become defensive when I brought up these issues but at least decided to give me a refund. Unfortunately a refund on Fiverr doesn’t mean you’ll get your money back, it just means that your money goes into a Fiverr balance.

I did send an email to fiverr requesting they put the money back to my paypal account which they were nice enough to do as I wasn’t interested in playing fiverr roulette again.

I’ve spoken with people who have hired graphic designers for logos on fiverr and thought they got a deal but I know that the logos they received were probably made in less than 10 minutes using a modified stock logo. You might get lucky but my recommendation is if you have some funds then hire an experienced graphic designer who will likely take time, provide multiple options and the necessary raw files which are usually not included.

It’s unlikely that I’ll use Fiverr again but if you’ve used them in the past and happy with your experience or would like to share your experience please leave a comment below.