Nothing comes easy and as the cliche goes “no pain, no gain”. About four years ago I was out of shape, working for a a corporation, commuting 3 hours per day and living out in the country. Fast forward to the present, I’m the healthiest I’ve ever been, work for myself and living in the city. I’ll admit, not all choices I’ve made in my life were the right ones but I always tried to evolve in many aspects of my life.


Years ago I got into Internet Marketing, more specifically Affiliate Marketing. I always considered myself a jack of all trades, master of none and this bothered really me. However when it came to affiliate marketing my knowledge of computer programming, graphic design, internet marketing/SEO, an entrepreneurial spirit and most of all dedication I was able to assemble my own websites that slowly became income earners. It wasn’t easy! The world of affiliate marketing can be very profitable but also very volatile if you don’t plan correctly which is why I recommend spreading yourself across multiple niches and always be on the lookout for new opportunities. I’m not claiming to be a guru but I can confidently say I have a pretty impressive and proven track record in internet marketing over the past years.


I started working out in high school but stopped when I was 25 when I suddenly became very sedentary due to circumstances. With a 3 hour daily commute, 60+ hour work weeks, fast food (typically hamburger and fries for lunch), my body eventually took it’s toll and I developed a perfectly round gut and even worse I was getting a pair of man boobs. After I got out of a 5 year relationship and pursued working for myself I suddenly had more time to focus on my health and get back into shape. Today I weigh roughly 195lbs, less than 9% body fat, skip or run daily and most importantly watch my diet. This transformation certainly wasn’t easy. Although I’ve been accused of taking steroids which is flattering, the only pill I ever took was one called “hard work”.


I was raised by Italian immigrants who understand more than anyone I’ve met what “hard work” really is. I think most of our generation would cringe at what my parents had to do to make it in this country. My parents taught me the value of money and to always save even on the most modest salary and have always fully supported me. I was lucky to have a brother who’s kept me grounded and motivated. He once talked me into returning to a job I was going to quit the second day because I didn’t feel adequate. The same job that rewarded me year after year in bonuses and praise for my 5 year effort. Lesson learned – never doubt yourself!

So far these are just a few things I wanted to touch on today as my first post. Hopefully I’ll be providing some meaningful, interesting and knowledgeable blogs that might provide some source of inspiration or just peak an interest.