National Jewel Creations | Toronto Engagement RingsToronto Engagement RingsThis week, NexToronto WordPress Development & Internet Marketing has relaunched the website for National Jewel Creations which is a Toronto based jewelry company which provides custom wedding engagement rings and wedding bands. I had the privilege meeting and working with Kevin Kliman who is the owner of National Jewel Creations has more than 30 years experience and belongs to both the Canadian Jewelers Association and Jewelers Vigilance of Canada which are governing bodies of the jewelry industry. NJC is also accredited by the Better Business Bureau . You can rest assure that any engagement ring or jewelery purchased from them can be trusted due to the level of credibility.

The website was developed in WordPress and although it wasn’t the biggest fixer-upper that I’ve worked on, it definitely had a few issues that needed to be addressed aside from needing a fresher look. More importantly it needed a a better way to showcase the available inventory of engagement rings rather than relying on an Instagram feed and a simple photo gallery.

On-Page SEO setup

I find that search engine optimization is a service that is completely overlooked by most web development companies. Businesses who hire agencies often times end up paying for websites that may look great but receive little to no organic traffic. With National Jewel Creations new website an on-page SEO setup was established and an on-page SEO strategy is now underway to improve visibility in search. The plan is to have the website ranking for keywords that will increase leads or new customers through the website.

WooCommerce Integration

WooCommerce is an e-commerce plugin that has become the most widely used ecommerce solution which is likely due to WordPress becoming the most widely used content management system. It can not only be used to sell goods online but also as a catalogue to showcase products. Previously products were showcased through a simple popup gallery or on Instagram. The benefit of having a well organized catalogue on the website will not only help with the usability but also provide the added SEO benefit of new product pages with content rather than a simple popup.

Site Speed

The time a page takes to load can not only affect usability but also affect how a site ranks in search. Knowing that Google looks at site speed as a ranking factor we test all our websites to make sure they load as quickly as they should relative to their page size. In the case of National Jewel Creations website the home page has drastically increased in size has reduced in page speed by an average of 1 second. NOTE: An 1 second delay in page response can result in a 7% reduction in conversions.

Aesthetic Improvement and Usability

Every page on a website shouldn’t just be words on a page but should look professional and leave an impression on the end user. Every page on the website was improved aesthetic enhancements such as images, lead forms, content expansion and other improvements. The home page is the most important page on a website and as you can see from the screenshot below there has been a major transformation with much focus on inventory and engagement rings.

What matters most is that Kevin was happy with his website and in turn that makes me happy and want to see his business succeed and stand out amongst other companies that provide quality Toronto engagement rings companies.




before and after wordpress website