Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a very taboo subject which unfortunately has spawned many SEO companies that act like snake oil salesmen making false claims, taking hundreds or even thousands of dollars from their clients and delivering little to no results.

As someone who has over 10 years experience in SEO I can honestly tell you that there is no easy way to the top of Google. As an affiliate marketer I’ve used my knowledge and experimented on my many affiliate based websites to find what works and what doesn’t. I’ve have many sites that dominate their competitors in search and have experienced having one of my sites being deindexed due to performing “black hat” or unethical SEO which was a harsh lesson. Today I ONLY use “white hat” or ethical SEO that follow Google guidelines.

Companies seem to have many misconceptions when it comes to SEO such as: it’s a one time job, a hired SEO expert can get them ranked first in Google for any target keyword or results can be seen in weeks. If this were truly the case I would be swimming in a pool of money today.

As someone who has hired freelancers and other SEO companies (including well known SEO companies) I can honestly say that NexToronto offers much more value. In fact, I recently noticed that many Toronto SEO companies seem to rank poorly themselves or have little to no domain authority which is a metric developed by MOZ to measure a websites popularity and how likely it is to rank in search.

I wanted to outline some of the major factors that web site owners and businesses seem to overlook. These factors are typically what is holding their website back from achieving the results they desire and outranking their competitors.

Blogging/Content Marketingcontent marketing

I feel this is almost the elephant in the room that many companies and website owners simply ignore without knowing that it’s one of the most crucial elements to an SEO strategy. New blogs show you are industry expert, allow you to target new keywords, provide your website with fresh content which Google loves and will gladly reward you for.

Of course writing a 500+ blog requires time and patience. It still takes a couple hours at least for me to bang out a new blog and even when I’m done I realize that I could have written things differently or better. But I’m doing something that helps promote me as a subject expert and further optimizes my website.

on-page seoOn-Page SEO

Just as important as it is to create unique content for your website, it must be prepared in such a way that Google can understand it since your content is essentially just text on a page to spiders. Having target keywords used in title tags, heading tags (h1, h2, h3…), image alt tags and of course within your content must be me incorporated if you want to be found for desired search terms.

Two great tools I recommend for checking your on-page SEO are:

wordpress seo pluginYOAST for SEO – which is a WordPress SEO plugin that has become the most popular SEO plugin and has become a standard with all WordPress websites developed by NexToronto. It integrates with Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Bing Webmaster Tools and other external tools in additional to check that your web pages meet an SEO criteria to improve indexibility and ranking.

WEBCEO or Screaming Frog – both of these are online SEO software’s that have both FREE and paid subscriptions. They scan your website to make sure that it meets important on-page SEO factors and checks:

  •  Page titles, heading tags, meta descriptions limits etc
  • Whether your site has an XML sitemap
  • Duplicate content
  • Response codes
  • much much more…

link building torontoBacklinks

In the past, you could easily achieve top rankings by building low quality backlinks from forum profiles, spamming blogs, directories and other sites that are easy to get backlinks from. There was even a time when you could use a software to easily spam out backlinks called XRumer that actually worked with the click of a button. Of course the days of applying any black hat SEO are gone and back links need to be thought out more strategically.

A backlink is essentially a hyperlink that points from another website to yours and still make up a large part of an SEO strategy. It’s important to gain backlinks from websites that have domain authority and a high influence score. If you’re wondering how to figure out these metrics you can register to an online SEO software called, download the MOZ toolbar or use the following online Domain Authority checker.

Whether you have an older website or one that was just recently launched, your SEO efforts consist of the 3 SEO factors mentioned above.