ball-862114_640Web Hosting is a crucial factor for running a successful website. Especially if you’re running a WordPress website these days it’s imperative that you’re on a quality hosting package with plenty of RAM unless you’re using a very lightweight theme or you have a very basic website. For small websites 1G of RAM might suffice but for running large websites you’re better off with more memory which can dramatically improve usability and increase leads/conversions. Currently NexToronto’s dedicate server has 4G of memory which means your sites can be expected to run smoothly.

Choosing a web hosting company for your WordPress website is a big decision for any business as it requires a lot of research, contacting companies and reading online reviews (many of which are fake). After experiencing several different hosting companies firsthand we finally settled on one that provided 24/7 support, security and super-fast servers running the latest CPanel hosting software.

Unfortunately most website owners probably have no idea that they are being middled by a marketing company who is likely over-charging them for a cheap hosting package that isn’t right for their business. Thankfully we understand that hosting is an factor in having a strong online presence.

Why host with NexToronto

There are some issues that hosting companies will simply not address. This why it’s beneficial to have someone who understands web server management and web development managing your web hosting.

A few days ago a friends websites were hacked as his sites were displaying the white screen of death. This is an issue that most developers will encounter at some point. When he initially called his hosting company they refused to help him in any way stating it was beyond their boundary of hosting support and he would have to solve the issue himself. Worst of all he had no backup of the sites. Since he knew about my technical expertise he decided to conference me in with the hosting company. I asked the support representative on the phone to check the core files and voila! His websites were back up and running.

We are passionate about WordPress Development and when you host with us you can rest assure you’re in good hands. Not only is your WordPress website running on a super-fast dedicated server but you’ll also have the necessary expertise looking after your websites so you don’t have to deal with costly situations that can potentially damage your business.

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