Registering a domain name is something that should be done only when you’re ready to buy. I’ve always had a suspicion and have also heard rumours that certain scripts can check domains in a shopping carts or are commonly searched and send alerts to unethical parties who snatch them up only to sell them to the interested party at an inflated price.

Domain squatters are people who buy up domains only to sell them to interested buyers at high prices. This practice has made some people very rich as some domains will sell in the 6 figure range. I always felt that there should be a crackdown on this very unethical business that extorts people into spending money on their business name in the form of a domain, spend money on court fees to go after the squatter or have to resort to buying a less desired domain.

Domain Name Optimization is Dead

Domain Name Optimization is a term that I learned from an SEO teacher years ago. It simply meant buying a domain that has keywords in your domain that are popularly searched. At one point Google actually treated domains with keywords a a ranking factor. As an affiliate marketer I would capitalize on this by purchasing domains based on brands I was trying to promote online. So if I was trying to promote a product called the Widget then I would buy a domain that contained the word Widget such as, etc.

If you’re looking to register a domain I would suggest the following tips:

1. Before you start make a list of keywords and phrases that best describe the business or website.

2. Choose a name that is memorable and can be easily spelled. While this doesn’t apply 100% of the time since popular websites such as Tumblr don’t follow this philosophy it makes word of mouth advertising a lot easier when verbally describing your website address.

3. Keep it short. I know it’s hard to choose a domain but try to keep your domain around 15 characters. Remember people have to sometimes type your email out and if our domain is really long you can be annoying users.

4. Avoid copyright infringement – I’ve made this mistake and thankfully it didn’t result in any punishment other than having to take a website or two down. Don’t purchase domains that have copy written brand names.

5. Avoid Hyphens and Numbers – Having hyphens in domain names was something that I did when Google looked at keywords in domains. I still own 1 domain that has a hyphen in it that ranks very well. But moving forward I wouldn’t suggest buying domains with a hyphen.

6. If you live in Canada purchase a .com or .ca domain – While many different TLD’s have been made readily available I rarely see them showing up in search. While it may be tempting to be different such as buying a .tv or .to here’s why I wouldn’t. Google will consider extensions as a ranking factor to provide local results in the search results. A .ca domain is considered a Canadian website while a .tv domain represents the country Tuvalu and .to domain is for the country Tonga NOT Toronto.

7. I wouldn’t recommend buying a domain from your marketing agency. Typically they will inflate the price and in some cases I’ve heard of people buying domains for $100+ for their doman names. In some cases if you ever want to move away from their services they don’t make it easy. Early this year I had helped a new client retrieve a domain from  a marketing company who wasn’t so reluctant to give it. After weeks weeks I chasing the company down I finally got it back.

Registering a domain name is easy and you don’t have to be very tech savvy. They typically range from$10-20/year. In rare cases I will do this for my clients if they want. If they ever want to move way from my services (which is rare) I will gladly relinquish it.

If you’re ready to purchase your domain I suggest Namespro which is a reputable company in Vancouver, Canada. To register a domain just click below.