With our SEO expertise, we can help your business increase visibility and leads.

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Our Search Engine Optimization services will ensure that your website will not only be visible to search engines but slowly climb the rankings for target keywords. Our on-page SEO services includes keyword research to make sure that important on-page elements such as title tags, heading tags, content, meta tag elements all contain target keywords. We also check your interlinking, URL structure and site speed.

NexToronto provides competitive packages that will be make an impact on your website in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). We provide ethical or “white hat” SEO services that will help your websites visibility and popularity in major search engines. Our SEO strategy is carefully designed so that your business can get a positive ROI.

Why Choose NexToronto For SEO ?

We will provide you with web analytics reports so you can keep track of how your website is performing and how our strategies have made an impact on your business. With years of having run our own in-house affiliate based websites SEO played a huge part in making sure that pages were found according to target keywords. With every website we build we make sure that you are properly setup for visibility. However SEO is not a once and done task. It is an ongoing process.

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We will make sure your site is setup to be found in search engines

The majority of websites are developed without any search engine optimization implemented. So what the majority of companies end up getting is a pretty website that nobody visits while savvy competitors (who may have hired us) are gaining the competitative edge.

Below are just a few of the steps we take to make sure that your website receives visibility in search.

  • Title Tags – These are probably the most commonly ignored elements on a website and if not setup correctly can have the most impact on whether your websites does or doesn’t get traffic. Based on keyword research we will make sure that your pages will have keywords implemented that will target the right audience.
  • URL Formatting – We will make sure that your URL’s are search engine friendly and setup correctly to include keywords.
  • Content – You may have heard the saying “Content is King”. This is probably the most crucial part of SEO that is typically overlooked. High quality, original content that includes target keywords is important if you’d like to rank for key terms.
  • Meta Descriptions – Meta descriptions are hidden HTML elements on web pages that are set to describe the content on a web page. We will make sure that you’re meta descriptions are setup so that they contain target key terms and are meaningful to the page.
  • Responsive Design – Google has launched Mobilegeddon. This means that sites that are mobile friendly/responsive will be favored over sites that are not.
  • Site Speed – Your websites page speed is something that is overlooked by most web development companies. This will not only deter visitors who want their information quickly but also impact search ranking. Check your page speed at to see how fast your web site loads. If your site is developed in WordPress we can implement the right plugin and code changes that will drastically improve load time and usability.