Social media has become an integral part of how we interact and acquire information online.

For businesses, social media can present an opportunity to enhance a brands message, reach their target audience or customers, share information and promote products or services.

With the many available social media platforms, it can become quite time consuming trying to manage a businesses social media presence.

Several tools such as Buffer and HootSuite can be extremely helpful in allowing marketers to manage their social media channels from a central dashboard. This typically includes scheduling posts to maintain an active presence. However these tools aren’t cheap.

While several tools available come at a price, you’ll be happy to hear that the free version of the NextScripts SNAP plugin can help site owners automate their WordPress blog posts and/or WooCommerce products to post regularly across Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more.

Since this tool saves time from having to share manually it’s still recommended to give your accounts a personal touch by interacting with other users otherwise your account may be viewed as spammy.

I also wouldn’t recommend using this WordPress plugin if your website is new or you have less than 30 blog posts.

How to Setup NextScripts

1. Download and install the plugin through the WordPress Plugin Library by selecting (Plugins->Add New) and using the search in the top right corner for “NextScripts”.

Social Media Automation Plugin for WordPress

2. Click the Install then click Activate to enable the plugin. Now that it’s installed you’ll notice the option for Snap|Autoposter in your WordPress menu.

3. Connect your website with your social media platforms by clicking on Snap|Autoposter->Add New. Each platform requires different steps to configure however documentation is included next to the setup forms.

4. Select “Reposter” option from the Snap|Autoposter menu to configure automation settings such as taxonomies, scheduling and customizing the format of your posts.

For example, the following image of a tweet below was posted by the SNAP plugin by combining the article title, link, hashtags (created from keyword tags) and the featured image.

While it’s tempting to set your post scheduling frequency to 10 posts per day on your social media channels to put your website on blast, this can come at a hefty price. For example Twitter is able to detect automation using AI which can result in being shadow banned which means that your accounts username, tweets and hash tags cannot be found through the websites search. To see if your Twitter account has been Shadow Banned you can use the following Twitter Shadow Ban Checker.

Final Thoughts

There are several social media automation tools available for WordPress. It’s important to be careful with plugins that automate posts as they can lead to potential bans. If you are using an automation tool then it’s recommended to keep your daily posting limit to 2-3 times per day, taking a break every now and then and actually being “social” on social media. The NextScripts SNAP Plugin can certainly have a useful role within a well thought out social media strategy.