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Take a Balloon Ride to the Edge of Space for a mere $75K

//Take a Balloon Ride to the Edge of Space for a mere $75K

Take a Balloon Ride to the Edge of Space for a mere $75K

75000 ride space balloon rideMy cousin told me last week about how hot air balloons would now be taking people into the stratosphere which I immediately thought about how they’d pass out from not having enough oxygen and freeze to death however one company much smarter than I have clearly given more thought than I have and is about to launch this venture sometime next year possibly in New Mexico or Arizona. Bungee jumping will not be available on this balloon ride.

For a hefty price of $75,000 a company by the name of Paragon Space Development Corp will be able to bring you 18 miles up to the edge of space (but not true space) as can enjoy a breathtaking view of our planet for two whole hours and then descend back to earth in an additional 40 minutes.

The plan is to send 8 people max which includes 6 passengers and 2 crew members’s in a capsule attached to a helium balloon the size of a football field. The capsule containing the passengers will have many transparent sections or viewing windows and also include a built in bar. It must be fully pressurized and offer protection from radiation, the vacuum of space and of course extreme cold temperatures.

$75,000 is a little too pricey for me right now but I’m sure we’ll see loads of celebrities taking one of these space balloon rides.

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