Due to common misconception working with WordPress themes requires a lot of time since they all have different plugins, widgets, configuration options and page builders. Page Builders allow a user to easily manage the layout and elements on a webpage with ease. Having purchased and installed several of the most popular WordPress themes available including Divi, Avada, the7, Enfold and Savia I was able to experience different Page Builders included with these themes.

WordPress Page Builders are a big step forward from the standard WYSIWYG editor. You can easily create powerful layouts through a drop & drop interface in just minutes. These drag & drop interfaces allow non-techies to perform some of the following tasks without any knowledge of HTML or CSS:

  • insert video
  • add tables
  • add columns
  • add galleries
  • insert widgets
  • add animations
  • insert graphs
  • insert icons
  • and more!

Each WordPress Page Builder has its pros and cons. It give me pleasure to provide my clients with more control over their website. Even the most non-technical person can figure out how to use the Page Builders. I’ve even had clients use page builders in ways that I haven’t. So lets jump into some Page Builders which also happen to be used with some of the most popular WordPress themes available.

fusion-builder-wordpressFusion Page Builder – This WordPress Page Builder is available with the Avada theme. I’m probably most familiar with this theme since I have two personal affiliate websites that are based on this theme. This theme has a very intuitive interface that allows you to easily customize your page into columns, add elements, use pre-built templates or create customized templates. It has a variety of elements that can be drag & dropped onto the page such as check boxes, recent posts, animations, customized text and so much more. The builder creates a shortcodes on the page which are viewable when you go into the visual editor if you want to edit the shortcode. This WordPress page builder has certainly evolved since it was first released and a lot of bugs I first experienced such as being able to use the interface on posts instead of just pages.

visual composer page builderVisual Composer – This Page Builder was developed by WPBakery back in 2011. It’s currently available for sale at themeforest.com for only $34 US. This plugin is found with popular WordPress themes including the7 and Venedor. I really like how you use available layouts and can even save your own.

layout page builderLayout Builder – This drag & drop page builder is very versatile but unfortunately not like the previous two. I was a big fan of this plugin when I purchased the Enfold theme but eventually fell in love with Visual Composer.

elegant-page-builder-pluginElegantBuilder – I met a web designer who said he uses a theme called DIVI to build almost all his sites. Having used it a couple times I can say it’s easy to use but unfortunately doesn’t have the capabilities of the previous Page Builders. This one is probably the easiest to get the hang of lacks a lot of functionality commonly found with the others such as social media buttons, styling options and galleries.

If I was to choose a favorite Page Builder it would be Visual Composer. I recently purchased an aesthetically pleasing template but fell short of having a Page Builder so I added Visual Composer to allow me to quickly build out the inner pages.

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