Let me start this post by saying NexToronto is not a “middle man”. While we try to improve on all my different skills, the truth is you’re only as good as the amount of time you spend doing something. Unfortunately in my work week I wear different hats and never get to be an expert on one single thing. I’m pulled in different directions from dealing with clients, developing websites, creating internet marketing strategies, touching up graphics, while continuing my education to improve my  business stand apart from it’s competition and become a “faster learning organization”.

I read a quote in a book a long time ago which really resonated with me. “A good boss is able to get in the trenches with their employees”. Being versatile in web development and internet marketing I’m able to wear different hats and understand scenarios from a developers perspective. This in turn allows me to know how to estimate a time frame and budget for clients.

Unlike many marketing agencies in Toronto, when you deal with NexToronto you’re actually dealing with a company who gets its work done in-house. How does that benefit our clients ? Your projects are in expert hands of those who can do. Many other marketing agencies will sometimes outsource work to us in some cases tack on a 50-70% markup (keep in mind we’re located in Canada and they’re not marking up overseas development costs).

Last night I met with my friend Brad who is a self employed motion graphic artist who has a client list that includes Cineplex, Rogers, Bell, Virgin and other big name clients. Aside from being one of the most brilliant minds I know, he’s also one of the most inspiring people. Our place of choice is usually a bar called the Black Dog in Scarborough, Ontario. There is never a dull moment in our conversations where we geek out on topics such as psychology, space, movies and our work.

One thing we spoke about last night was dealing with those who simply sell. While these people may understand the concept of what they are selling. They will never fully understand what it’s like to actually create or DO.  From my experience I’ve witnessed the friction between sales people and “production” (the ones who actually do the work) because of lack of knowledge and empathy.

Dealing with these people can sometimes be frustrating or just laughable. Most of the time I just nod my head while the looney tunes soundtrack should be playing along with the conversation. In fact, I’ve spoken with CEO’s from other marketing agencies in Toronto who had no concept of web development, search engine optimization, internet marketing and other online services but would accept the jobs and then worry about hiring someone who did. In my opinion this is a very sleazy and dishonest form of business.

This is not to slander anyone in particular and while I do appreciate the art of selling, as someone who has the ability to wear different hats in my day, I have a larger respect for those who create. They are the ones that aren’t selling inflated promises at inflated prices that they can’t guarantee. They are the ones that turn concept into reality and should be appreciated for their work.

At NexToronto we understand the in’s and out’s of what we are selling. We strive to better our services and become the experts in our industry. My advice, don’t deal with the “middlemen”.

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