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personal-trainer-toronto-web2I’ve had a passion for bodybuilding since I was 16 years old. However one thing I discovered later on in life was the importance of a healthy diet and its impact on your fitness results. Having spoken to many personal trainers I’ve found that the biggest reason their clients see to yo-yo with their weight is that they don’t follow a diet plan. In fact many of us will not realize we are taking in too many calories, too few calories or not feeding our body what it needs to gain the optimal and desired results.

Athletes Kitchen solves the biggest part of the puzzle by delivering fresh, healthy and calorie calculated meals to your doorstep.  Personal trainers in Toronto can offer this to their clients so they can achieve better results outside of the gym and not throw their workouts away by poor dieting.

The Athletes Kitchen affiliate program was implemented to create incentive to drive traffic to the website while gaining a generous commission. Those who own websites can place banners on their websites which have unique tracking links associated with them that will track all referral traffic and sales generated to Athletes Kitchen’s website. This affiliate program is free to join and pays 10% commission on all sales you refer to our website. Affiliates can login and check their commissions through the affiliate area.

Since many personal trainers don’t have websites we decided to create a special web promotion for personal trainers who participate in the Athletes Kitchen affiliate program with a 35% discount. This means that as long as you have an Athletes Kitchen banner on your website you can Save on our personal training website package.

For more information on the personal trainer website package visit

To join Athletes Kitchen’s affiliate program FREE visit


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