It’s amazing how many times I’ve been asked the question “How much does a website cost ?”. There is no answer to this question since all companies may charge different hourly rates, websites range from a landing page to a full blown ecommerce website or even websites that require an entire staff to manage (think of Facebook).

Most startup businesses typically just want a corporate website that is mostly informational. These sites typically includes pages such as About Us, FAQ’s, Testimonials and a Contact Page. Having a website is one of the first things that new companies try to roll out. Unfortunately choosing the wrong web development company can have a negative impact on your business.

Let us help you stand out

Unlike most web companies who take an integrated approach to our work. When we’re done creating a website it becomes a marketing tool for your business.¬†We have launched a special web development promotion that is aimed at startup businesses. This cost-effective web solution will allow includes the following features & benefits:

  • Site built in WordPress CMS
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Integration
  • WordPress Training
  • Making a statement on the internet

wordpress-logo-torontoOur Sites are built in WordPress

The WordPress content management system is an online software that has simplified the management of websites. Once installed our clients will have full access to creating and managing the content on their website. The eliminates the dependency for companies to be at the mercy of web developers to make any small changes to their website. We have been working with content management systems for over 10 years. We recognize the need to manage your website is important and include training as part of our process.

Search Engine OptimizationGet Found In Search

This is probably the most crucial step in building a website since it determines how your website is found in Google. It still blows my mind how many times I come across websites from large companies who lack SEO and are practically invisible in search. Unfortunately for them, their competitors who hire companies like us will capitalize on this and outrank them and enjoy a stream of web traffic.

Social MediaGet Social

We believe that your website should have a social media presence to give your company a voice online. This can help businesses target their ideal audience, spread awareness and have a conversation with them. As a default we always setup a Facebook page and Twitter profile.

If you’re looking on getting a head start with your website then view our Toronto web promotion that can get your website online for as low as $999+HST.