Project Description

Old Dentistry on 7th WebsiteNew Dentistry on 7th Website
WordPress Dentist Website

About Dentistry on 7th

Dentistry on 7th is a renowned dental practice owned by Dr. Raju Sarna who specializes in cosmetic, restorative and implant dentistry with a focus on restoring  natural aesthetic beauty. He uses cutting-edge equipment and modern techniques to restore optimal oral health. Dr. Sarna’s clientele consists of many well known personalities, celebrities and corporate executives.

Project Details

Dentistry on 7th hired NexToronto for their web design services to rebuild their website.

Dentistry on 7 needed a website redesign in order to improve their online brand, user experience and address a host of technical issues they were experiencing with their current old website. With the help of our web design services they were able to achieve:

  • Site developed in WordPress CMS
  • Improved design and layout
  • Faster loading pages with caching setup
  • Google Analytics & Console Setup
  • Professional theme with improved inner pages
  • Online Patient Registration forms
  • Contact form on all pages to improve conversions
  • Live chat setup
  • Migration to better hosting package and monthly savings
  • SSL setup
  • and more!

Client Testimonial

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Having a nice smile can impact how others perceive you. Similarly having a nice website can impact how visitors can perceive your business.

When it comes to building great websites its not only about aesthetics. Other factors such as layout, functionality, site performance and SEO can all impact a websites online presence and are  considered part of the NexToronto web development process.

Professional Design with Improved Usability

The original website was a bit cluttered and had inconsistencies with images and icons representing the services provided.

The new Dentistry on 7th website provides a much cleaner and professional design that is more enticing to visitors. While many web designers focus on design, it’s important to consider usability and how visitors will interact with your website. After all, the goal of a website should be to turn your visitors into leads, customers or in this case new patients.  This is why it’s important to consider the usability and layout of a website so that contact info, call-to-action buttons and forms are available on all pages.

Custom and Contact Forms

For service-type businesses we try to incorporate quick contact forms in the header, body or sidebar on most pages.  There are several form builder plugins such as Contact Form 7, Ninja Forms, Form Builder and Gravity Forms. Each plugin has it’s pros and cons. For this project we went with Gravity Forms which allows the creation of forms very easily with a drag and drop interface, especially when you require forms such as their “online patient form” which has over 200 fields.

As mentioned previously, quick contact forms were used throughout the site which typically include the fields for name, phone, email and message. We try to use 4 fields max so that visitors are more likely to fill them out with their contact information so that they can be later contacted to attain further information or setup a scheduled appointment.

Online Patient Registration Form

Previously, new patients would have to download a PDF or fill out a patient registration form. We developed an online form that is responsive or mobile friendly, so that patients can fill out their personal information on desktops before coming in or on a mobile device while in the waiting area. The form data is submitted to an email and stored in the WordPress database. This is not only convenient, but eco-friendly since it’s paperless and visitors also don’t have to download and install Adobe Acrobat in order to view the PDF.

The downloadable PDF is still included on the patient registration form page for those who would rather fill out the form manually.

Page Speed

The new website now loads 40% faster which some might find hard to imagine considering it has more  graphics, however the original website had a lot of large or high resolution images which added to the size of the home page and affected the loading time.

Having a slow loading website can affect your website negatively including:

  • Increase bounce rate – This is the percentage of visitors who leave a website after visiting a page. Think about how likely you are to stay on a website that loads slowly.
  • Affect search ranking – Google has made it clear that page speed or loading time is considered as a ranking factor.
  • Decrease conversions – If users are likely to leave your website to slow page loading, then this will also affect potential leads or customers.

The new Dentistry on 7th website also includes caching and configuration which have improved site score and most importantly loads in under 2 seconds.

Many web developers simply don’t care about page speed, but it is one factor we consider as part of our web development process.

Live Chat

The site uses a live chat, in this case a service through which provides 24/7 booking and support for businesses in Canada and the US. Live chats are very useful since they can improve customer convenience and improve conversions by up to 20%.

WordPress has several chat plugins which range in price. Typically we recommend using the Live Chat by Zendesk however Professional Chats works with specific industries and provides live chat operators to answer any questions and setup appointments.

Hosting is currently hosted with GoDaddy Hosting. Their websites were originally setup on two separate managed WordPress hosting packages which I personally wouldn’t recommend. I got them to switch to a high end cPanel hosting package which can accommodate multiple websites, has better server resources and not to mention cut down yearly hosting expenses. Choosing quality hosting is also important to the success of a website as it can also impact page loading time.

SSL Setup

How likely would you be to submit your personal information on a website that isn’t secure? The previous website did not have SSL installed. SSL encrypts the data that is sent from the server to your browser. It can provide several benefits which include improving site speed, improve ranking in Google and increase conversion rates.

Google Analytics & Console Setup 

We believe it’s important to understand traffic and user behaviour in order to make decisions for site design, improve SEO and improve online marketing efforts which is why we install Google Analytics on all websites.

Furthermore, we setup websites with Google Console (formerly Google Webmaster Tools) so that we can attain further insight into site performance, bugs and let Google know which pages to index.