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Having a great website means that visitors can experience browsing on multiple devices, fast loading web pages, informative and easily navigable pages, a clean call-to-action all the time and most importantly converts visitors into customers or clients.

Since NexToronto has opened its doors over 15+ years ago, we have helped hundreds of businesses develop a strong online presence through best practices in web development, search engine optimization and strategy tailored to our clients business needs.

We can work any size business, from startups to large corporations, business-to-business or business-to-consumer, those who need a simple landing page or a full-blown ecommerce platform to sell their goods.

At NexToronto, we understand online marketing and have devoted ourselves to deliver high-quality, effective solutions that give our clients the competitive edge.

We build custom websites that are consistent with your brand and search engine friendly. After all, what is the point of having a website if nobody can find you?

Our expertise in online marketing helps businesses enhance brand loyalty, connect you to potential customers, increase traffic and generate more sales & leads.

Hiring a web developer can make or break your online success. Make the right investment and get the results your business deserves.

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WordPress has become the world’s leading website software and content management system which today powers over one-third of the internet.

It is becoming increasingly popular and becoming almost a standard for building websites for several reasons, including: ease of use, massive community, open source, can be easily managed from a dashboard, scalable, can be used for small websites to large corporations, functionality can be extended with plugins, Google loves WordPress and the list goes on…

We have been building WordPress websites for almost 15 years ranging from simple landing pages to ecommmerce websites. We have helped build WordPress websites for businesses in Hamilton, Ontario and surrounding areas take advantage of this powerful software which provides them control over their content and is consistent with their brand.

We offer a wide range of WordPress Services which include:

NexToronto can help businesses in Thornhill, Ontario and surrounding areas take advantage of this cutting-edge website software and build a strong online presence.

Fresh Off The WordPress

Our Process


We want to learn about your business, competitors, requirements and business goals.

Analyze & Plan

Create a winning strategy and do our research to help your business achieve a strong online presence and stand out on the web.

Design & Web Development

This is where we get cracking. We will develop a kick-ass website according to our strict standards.


Since we specialize in SEO. We will make sure your website is optimized for search engines such as Google so that visitors can find you.

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NexToronto specializes in WordPress Development and provides quality web development & internet marketing services in Toronto, Canada and surrounding areas. However, thanks to modern technology our company has no geographic boundaries as we’ve worked with other English speaking countries including the United States, England, Scotland, Ireland and Australia. NexToronto strives to provide excellent service and help your business achieve your goals online. Our Toronto business offers a fully integrated approach to help businesses achieve online success.