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Have you Scheduled your WordPress Checkup?

It's 2017 and mobile devices have surpassed desktop when it comes to performing Google searches yet for some reason many large companies STILL have websites that are not mobile friendly which load slowly due to poor design/hosting  or have a site design that hinders on the visitors experience. All this adds up to what's called a high bounce rate or simply people leaving their websites. These 3 factors mentioned could hurt a websites Google ranking and therefore traffic is lost to competitors who decided to address these issues. The consequences of their poor online presence often times goes back to who they originally hired, whether it was a web designer who lacked knowledge or the developer they hired off freelancer

Common Issues from Having a Poorly Developed Website

Being a WordPress Expert & Search Engine Optimization Expert for over 10 years I've become very good at dissecting clients WordPress websites to find out what is holding their websites back from online success, ranking well in Google and lastly why their competitors are outdoing them online. This really all stems back to when my clients originally decided to hire a web developer to build their site. Unfortunately many businesses are deluded that hiring an inexperienced web developer or someone overseas to cut down on costs will yield same results as hiring a seasoned WordPress developer. Unfortunatley this poor choice sets them off on the wrong foot. I've decided to outline some of the common issues that I've come across

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How Many WordPress Plugins Are Too Many?

This question has often been asked in the WordPress community and there really isn't answer to be quite honest. Plugins are essentially pieces of code that can be added to WordPress that provide additional functionality. There are literally thousands of WordPress plugins that can offer a solution to almost everything you're looking for. In fact there are dozens of plugins available offering similar functionality. Through the WordPress dashboard anyone can search through the thousands of available plugins that can be installed with just a couple clicks. This sometimes leads to webmasters going plugin-crazy not knowing that they are hindering on the overall website's performance. Recently I was hired to improve the performance of a clients WordPress website which had serious page

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Battling Comment Spam? Here’s a quick fix.

If you've launched a WordPress website that has comments enabled then get ready for an influx of comment spam. Comment spammers only care about getting a backlink from your website for their own SEO benefit by posting a mute or unrelated comment on your blog posts. Getting a lot of comment spam can additionally bloat your database. So why add the extra task of having to clean up your comment spam and protect yourself against it? While there are plenty of known WordPress plugins available to help combat comment spam, some WordPress developers simply aren't interested with the additional functionality that can contribute to bloating their website which may even impact site performance. 2 plugins that can help combat WordPress

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Can PPC Affect SEO?

  10 years ago I took an Search Engine Optimization class at a local college. My teacher would always iterate that Google's objective is to return the best possible search results to the end users query. Since then, the search algorithm has improved tremendously to the point where a number of unethical or "black hat tactics" I've once used in the past can now get a website penalized or even removed from the search results. Nowadays I only practice ethical or "white hat" SEO. Mobile has officially passed desktop when it comes to search users thus making responsiveness and page loading key factors as we've seen in more recent years. Of course there are numerous factors that come into play

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