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Did you know that Google banned its own division Google Japan with an 11-month penalty for buying links from blog reviewers? Is your SEO provider engaging in unsavory, black hat SEO tactics frowned on by Google? You may be experiencing more traffic to your website, but are people engaging with your brand? If you’re noticing a high bounce rate (a lot of visitors but short durations), and generating little feedback or response from visitors, your SEO provider might be attracting the wrong kind of traffic using strategies scrutinized by Google. Google’s algorithm reviews over 200 factors to determine a website’s relevance to a search. Knowledge of Google’s webmaster guidelines are essential to avoiding a penalty, which can reduce the ranking

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5 Technical SEO Improvements for WordPress & Better Rankings!

Improving Website Rankings with Technical SEO In my experience I've met a handful of web developers who lacked knowledge in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and vice versa (SEO experts who lack knowledge in web development). Having a technical SEO background can be a tremendous benefit to understanding the overlap between WordPress and SEO which can help give your website the competitive edge to help you outrank your competitors in search. Why is it important to understand both? Google's algorithm has evolved from looking at factors such as content, keywords and backlinks to the infrastructure and usability which require technical knowledge to address. As a web developer/WordPress and SEO expert I've come to realize there is much overlap between these areas

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B&B Niagara – New Affiliate Travel Website

I haven't launched an affiliate based website for a long time and last month I finally decided I'd get my feet wet again with a simple travel website. Since my fiancee and I are in love with the Niagara-on-the-Lake region of Ontario for its historic town, beautiful landscapes and wineries I decided to focus on this geographic area as my niche. I decided to create a website that provided bed and breakfast information, a directory for wineries and other travel information. It's not exactly a website that I would use in my portfolio but I have to say it's not bad for a pet project that was completed in 1 month. The site was mostly by outsourced to talent from upwork.com

Stock Photo Website Alternative to Dollarphotoclub.com

Importance of Stock Photography Any graphic designer or web designer knows the importance of quality stock photography. Not only can stock photos transform the look of a website but they can also influence a visitors impression by providing credibility and trust. This small difference can affect how users interact with your website and even impact sales. Even as a web developer I was once influenced by the stock photos used on web templates. If I was purchasing a template for a particular industry I would purchase a template that included images related to that industry. I also base buying decisions from websites on how they look as I mentioned above. If they look cheaply made then chances are I'll probably go

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Boost Online Sales with an Affiliate Program!

An affiliate program is an often overlooked many online businesses and eCommerce store owners. However this marketing strategy is a very powerful digital marketing strategy that is used by almost 80% of major brands. What is an affiliate program? An affiliate program is type of performance based marketing which rewards website publishers a commission based on any customer or visitor generated by their marketing efforts. Those who join affiliate programs are known as affiliates and those who run affiliate programs are known as merchants. In plain English, you get paid by sending customers to a website that sells a product or service. How does an affiliate program work? Website publishers or affiliates can join affiliate programs for free. Typically you

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