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5 Factors MOST WordPress Websites Are Missing

Whether you've built a WordPress yourself or hired someone else to do it, I've found that there are common factors which always seem to be missing when I'm auditing websites. These factors mentioned in this article are crucial for many reasons that can impact visitor site experience, your ranking in Google and potentially making your website vulnerable to hackers. SSL Certificate 10 years ago I would only recommend clients purchase an SSL certificate if their site had a shopping cart. There was much debate on whether an SSL certificate would impact site speed negatively which only proved to be false as it allows a much faster connection for all modern web browsers. As of 2017 it was been widely known [...]

NexToronto Can Help Your Hemp Business Grow

The legalization of marijuana in Canada  is projected for 2018, hemp growers and cannabis product shops are becoming more common across the country. NexToronto is offering to help Canadian and American hemp growers and cannabis companies build a strong online presence through our professional and reliable services in WordPress development and online marketing. Our aim is to provide the following services for any hemp companies through: Websites developed in WordPress Ability to sell products online with ecommerce integration Pay Per Click Advertising if applicable Search Engine Optimization services for better Google ranking Affiliate Programs (As affiliate marketers and managers) Content Marketing services through regular blogging Social Media Integration on all platforms We are experts in WordPress which has become the [...]

Are You Due For A WordPress Update?

Having a WordPress website is like owning a car. Every so often you have to get take your car in for regular maintenance. If you choose to ignore the regular maintenance then you'll eventually pay the price. If you have a website developed in WordPress then maintenance means you'll need to update plugins and occasionally your WordPress version and theme. The longer you go on ignoring these updates the more of a risk it becomes that you'll encounter problems or worse, your site will crash. Especially if you're running ancient versions as my previous employer had been doing. Of course many site owners and businesses choose to ignore these updates with the mentality "if it aint broke don't fix it". [...]

5 Easy Ways To Fix Broken Links

Aside from causing usability issues, broken links has been debated by SEO experts as to whether they impact search rankings. In my opinion, I don't believe having a few broken links can hurt your search rankings which is typically quite common on larger websites. For example Wikipedia which is also one of the most highly ranked websites in the world and filled with broken links. How's their search rankings? Google crawls through linked pages and when a broken link is detected this can stop Google from finding additional linked pages. If pages aren't crawled then they will unfortunately not be visible in the search results. From a usability perspective it's important for users not to [...]

5 Super Important Website Tips You Can’t Ignore

It amazes me that in 2017 there are still several major corporations and businesses who choose not to address major issues with their websites that affect usability and search ranking. As someone who regularly provides site audits, I thought I share 5 major factors that every website owner should address. I do believe many companies still don't take their websites as serious as they should. Having a well developed website can generate more leads for your business and if you're not constantly improving your online presence than your competitors who likely are, are the ones reaping all the rewards including better search ranking. 1. Make your website mobile friendly Mobile search has officially surpassed desktop search yet there are still [...]