With over a billion websites online and growing by the second, it becomes increasingly difficult to stand out from the competition.

Many businesses launch websites missing a number of factors that affects why visitors can’t find them in a Google search or why visitors who come to their website immediately leave.

NexToronto offers two services that can be beneficial for any site owner who would like to know why their site is performing poorly and what improvements can be made to give your website the #NexFactor.

The #NexFactor is a NexToronto term for the X factor(s) that consider search visibility, site performance and usability among other factors that could otherwise skyrocket your online presence to success.

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Get A Website Audit

wordpress consultingOften times businesses will hire an agency or developer who may skip over critical steps in the web development process due to budget or experience. Unfortunately most business owners are completely unaware and are losing potential sales/leads that are otherwise being distributed amongst their competitors.

NexToronto currently offers a WordPress website audit for *$299 that reviews factors of a website including site performance, on-page SEO, usability, page speed, WordPress setup and more.

Once the review is complete you will receive a detailed report outlining all issues and recommendations that can improve your online presence. In addition to the report, you will be eligible for a 30 minute phone call to review the findings.

The results of the audit can be taken back to your agency/developer or you can hire the experts at NexToronto to address the results.

Page Speed Optimization

page speed optimizationOur WordPress Speed Boost or Page Speed Optimization is one of our more popular services which we also provide to other web development and SEO companies and one factor that is often overlooked when websites are launched.

There are many reasons why page speed is so important. Google has made it abundantly clear that it is considered in their algorithm when ranking websites and having a slow loading page can also affect how visitors respond to your website.

A one second delay in page speed can cost your company thousands of dollars or up to 10% less leads/sales. 

The most common issue that causes slowness is using high resolution images. While your site may look aesthetically pleasing with sharp images, it’s those very same images that could hinder your page speed and why visitors are leaving your website.

This service examines other factors as well and will provide a full money-back guarantee if we cannot increase your page speed by 1 second.

If you’re interested in any of these services contact an expert today at NexToronto.