Search Engine Optimization is a term that many companies and people tend to loosely throw around yet don’t have a track record, any idea how it works and make false claims about ranking for keywords that are nearly impossible to rank for. Unfortunately many companies end up paying the price as they hire these companies who end up burning through money.

A friend of mine brought a company in Vaughan, Ontario to my attention which solely focused on SEO services. Not to name names but on their first page they put up examples how they got clients of theirs to rank high for a particular set of keywords. To most people who don’t understand SEO these would look legitimate case studies. To someone with a background in SEO who can use a simple keyword tool like myself, I call bullshit on their target keywords which have an incredibly low search volume.

If you ever come across a company that states they can get you “#1 in Google” run fast. I get emails everyday (usually from companies in India) who provide SEO services and false promises. I’ve had people ask me if I can get them ranked #1 for extremely competitive keywords and I’m always honest with my answer. If I was able to do that easily I would be sipping Pina Coladas on a beach somewhere.

Someone recently broke it down beautifully for me. PPC is a like a race and SEO is a marathon. SEO is a practice that requires A LOT of time and effort. It usually boils down to a number of different factors. One of them is content. We’ve all heard the saying “content is king”. If you want to rank for a particular set of keywords or phrases you better make sure that it exists somewhere on your website.

After all Google’s goal is to make sure they are providing the best possible results when using their search engine.

What’s my SEO backround ?

While working at a major media company 10 years ago I became interested in SEO. I wanted to know what it would take to increase traffic, outrank competitors and target keywords. I read everything I could and participated on forums to connect with other SEO professionals. I was even able to convince a local college to offer a course in Search Engine Optimization which I took. I was pretty much on par with my level of knowledge with the teachers but it was nice to share ideas with someone in person. I’ve practiced both White Hat and Black Hat SEO tactics and used this knowledge to earn a living through affiliate based websites. Today I only implement White Hat SEO methods for my clients.