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The internet landscape is quickly growing. In 2016, there were 906,616,188 websites which has risen to double in 1.94 billion in 2019. As this number grows, the ability to gain visibility in Google becomes increasingly more difficult as competition grows.

Despite the growing number of websites and competition, only 9% of websites receive Google traffic. The rest are ghosted by Google over businesses that have made the right investment into their online presence.

Smartphones have added a new layer to competition and how people find businesses. Information is literally at our fingertips and if we’re trying to find a ‘plumber in Toronto’, it’s likely to take place in a Google search.

If you’re one of the top 10 businesses who are fortunate enough to crack the first page in the search results, the amount of traffic dramatically drops from position 1 to 9. Fact is, 30% of clickthroughs will go to the first position and this drops to 2% in position 9. If you’re on page 2, you’re practically irrelevant.

Where’s the best place to hide a dead body? Page 2 of the search results.

Advantage of hiring a professional web design company

Businesses that have made the right investment to hire a professional web design company or web designer who is familiar with SEO, are likely to enjoy the spoils than their competitors who didn’t.

Having a beautifully designed website can certainly build trust and credibility for your business, however in today’s internet landscape, if it isn’t coupled with an internet marketing strategy, the investment is almost meaningless.

The most important question a business is faced with that can decided whether the achieve online success or obscurity is ‘who should I choose to build my online presence?’.

There are several options to consider, including: using a DIY website builder such as WIX, outsourcing to save costs, hiring a student or amateur web designer or what should be the obvious answer, a professional web design company.

A professional web design company will provide several benefits that lead to online success, often overlooked by amateur web designers or DIY platforms.

Let’s take a look at why your business should hire a professional web design company.

Custom Web Design

A professional web design company will build a website that is consistent with your brand, suits business needs and consider your online goals.

Having an aesthetically pleasing website can effect how visitors perceive your business and credibility. In a study, 3/4 consumers admitted they judge a businesses credibility based on how their website looks.

Users will form an opinion in half a second, and if they don’t like your website they will leave. Therefore, having a well designed website is vital for your online presence.

This is probably the one and only factor amateurs almost get right, but often times compromise user experience as a result.

Built in WordPress

WordPress Website Design by Professional Web Design Company

WordPress has become the leading content management system which powers more than 1/3 of websites on the internet today.

Whether your business is looking to launch a basic landing page, corporate website or ecommerce platform to sell online, WordPress is the ideal solution.

As a content management system it puts power into the hands of website owners to manage the content on their website without being at the mercy of a developer or web design company. In addition, thousands of WordPress plugins are available online which can expand functionality and enhance online visibility.

A professional web design company understands WordPress development standards and its structure, how to customize it to meet your business needs and choose right plugins to use in order to supercharge your online presence.

An amateur web designer can potentially build a vulnerable website to crashes & hackers, install plugins which aren’t optimal for your business, may not follow WordPress standards which can all affect usability and search rankings.

User Experience

user experience layout

User experience is how users perceive your website and how they respond to it.

For example, high resolution images are usual culprit in slow loading websites. So that beautiful hero image that makes your home page ‘pop’ can actually frustrate visitors looking to get the information they need. As a result they leave your website. Page speed and bounce rate are also ranking factors, so this can also affect your search ranking.

A professionally designed website should consider making a website easy to use and accessible. This includes making a website fast loading, work on all devices (smartphones, tablets, desktops) and work on all browsers.

User experience should also consider the layout and use of elements within a web design. Making call-to-action’s visible such as buttons, forms and contact information can drastically improve conversions (sales/leads).

In revamping client websites, we’ve seen conversions double as a result of providing a web design that incorporated an improved user experience.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is the practice of increasing a websites visibility in search engines.

Businesses often times aren’t aware of the importance in SEO and how it can affect the overall success of their website.

If search engines can’t find you, then neither will potential clients.

Many web design companies do not employ on-page SEO which is the optimization of individual pages within a website and certainly ignore off-page SEO which are external factors which can influence a websites rankings in Google.

In some cases businesses will hire an outside SEO company. However most SEO companies don’t have a strong understanding or cannot implement technical SEO or how to implement SEO effectively on WordPress websites. This is why it’s important to hire a professional web design company that can make sure this vital part of web design does not go unchecked.

SEO is a vital ingredient in web design and should be an on-going process which should include building strong back links and content. If done correctly, it can turn your website into a successful sales or marketing tool and help your business grow.

A professional web design company is knowledgeable in SEO and ensure your website is developed to meet Google guidelines, implement ‘on-page’ SEO and consider user experience, which all play into how a website will rank.

Technology Matters

The internet is constantly evolving and a professional web design company understands the importance of staying on top of latest trends & technologies in order to give their clients the competitive edge.

For example, one important aspect of a healthy online presence is the web hosting company/plan selected where your website resides. If your website is hosted on a poor hosting plan, this can negatively impact page speed, user experience, search ranking and most importantly conversions.

If you’re looking to sell online, a professional web designer or agency can provide the best tools that will meet your business needs, provide custom functionality so that your website is setup for optimal results.

On-Going Support & Strategy:

Both businesses and web designers should understand that a website is only one component to your online presence. Unfortunately, the concept of “build it and they will come” does not work.

Your investment into a website should include on-going support and custom online approach for your business that is realistic based on your budget and goals.

Businesses or websites that are dominating the online space, cannibalizing market share and performing well in search results are continuously investing in their online presence through professional web design companies.

By today’s standards an on-going internet marketing & SEO strategy in additional to enhancing a website is vital in order to stay competitive and to achieve any online success.


Hiring a professional web design company will provide a custom solution that represents your business well, make your website stand out in an extremely competitive online landscape so that it will not become part of the irrelevant 91%.