woocommerce countdown pluginA effective tactic used by many ecommerce websites is creating a sense of urgency for a particular offer. By using this tactic visitors are encouraged to make the purchase as quickly as possible before the deal elapses and they will have to eventually live a life full of regret.

By using this sense of urgency potential customers are forced to act on impulse or make quicker decisions on a purchase. Scarcity is always a great way to get people to buy. It’s worked on my many times when I’ve gone into a store and the salesperson told me to not take too long as they will eventually run out of stock and that i’m getting a deal of a lifetime.

I have to admit I got the idea from a competitor’s website which had the same concept in the header of their site except my version looks a lot better in my opinion.

My experience with the WooCommerce Sales Countdown Plugin

Using a a deal countown on your website is a great way to use this tactic. I searched the net for potential WooCommerce Countdown Plugins that would allow me to achieve this however I only found one worth trying on CodeCanyon called the WooCommerce Sales Countdown. If you want to purchase this WordPress Sales Countdown Plugin you can find it by clicking the button below:




I originally purchased the WooCommerce Sales Countdown plugin almost year ago and found it didn’t work well when viewed on mobile and other responsive issues. I have to admit the design of the plugin won’t work as good as the author displays in the example provided on the plugins page because you also need to purchase their theme. When installing this plugin with most themes it will not look aesthetically pleasing at all. I notified the author and go the following answers a) Everyone has a different taste in design AND b) they cannot possibly build this plugin for all themes.

On the contrary. I believe we all know a nice looking website when we see one and i’ll even admit I can certainly add more touch ups to what i’ve already done with this plugin. You have to play around with the CSS and adjust the font sizes, faces, colors, layout and buttons which can probably make this plugin look a lot better than it’s default look.

In response to the developing it for ALL themes was a bit of baloney. The widget has it’s own stylesheet so I’m not really sure what they were getting at with building it for different themes.

Overall I still recommend this plugin. It allows you to schedule deals through your dashboard and works better than the alternative WordPress Countdown plugins. If you plan on buying this plugin just make sure you know that you will probably have to make some adjustments to the code. If you understand CSS then I would hire a developer such as NexToronto.

After making some code adjustments to the widgets CSS and minor PHP changes it looked a lot better. You can see it live on the header of Gorilla Nutrition’s website (https://www.gorillanutrition.ca).

If you are looking to add this feature to your website we can help. Contact NexToronto Web Development & Internet Marketing today. We are Toronto based web solutions firm that is dedicated to helping companies make an impact on the web.