If you’re looking for a WordPress plugin that allows you to create a beautiful galleries with rounded images you’ll definately want to consider the Circles Gallery plugin. I just recently tested the free version of this plugin on the NexToronto website. I was able to quickly create a beautiful gallery of images which represent the different Web Development & Internet Marketing services on my website.

This is one plugin I will likely purchase in the future since I love the different hover effects and animations that you can find on the Circles Gallery website examples.

Once you’ve installed this gallery through your WordPress dashboard you are now ready to use this plugin through your WYSIWYG editor.

[circles_gallery ids=”12684,12672,12673,12674,12675″ gallery_width=”100%” circle_width=”250px” circle_max_width=”280px” columns_no=”5″ columns_no_1024=”4″ columns_no_768=”3″ columns_no_phone=”1″ hover_effect=”1|effect1″ text_position=”inside” circle_icon=”fa-link” title_font_size=”18px” title_color=”#ffffff” description_font_size=”13px” margin_bottom=”15px”]

1. Click on the Add Media button above the WYSIWYG editor.


2. Click on the create gallery option

Dan & Lyssa

3. Fill in the following options for the image. (see image on right)

Title – this will be used as the image title
CG Link – add the destination URL for the image in this field
cg Target – if you wish to have the URL open in the same window choose _self

4. Choose to create new gallery and then insert the gallery into the page.

5. Copy the new gallery code that is on the page (make sure you are on text and not visual)

6. Cut the code that looks like this [ gallery ids=”12691″]

7. Click on the Circle Gallery icon



8.  Paste the gallery code into the first field

  • Enter in ALL parameters
  • Once you’ve filled in the form paste the code at the bottom into the page


9. The end result is a clickable circular image as seen below

[circles_gallery ids=”12691″ gallery_width=”100%” circle_width=”350″ circle_max_width=”350″ columns_no=”1″ columns_no_1024=”1″ columns_no_768=”1″ columns_no_phone=”1″ hover_effect=”1|effect1″ text_position=”inside” circle_icon=”fa-link” title_font_size=”18px” title_color=”#FFFFFF” description_font_size=”16px” margin_bottom=”15px”]

If you would like to purchase or download this plugin you can do so at inkthemes.com