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NexToronto’s Web Audit service provides a cost-to-value service that’s a no-brainer for any business looking to improve their online presence

Just having a website isn’t good enough anymore. There are many factors that contribute to a websites online success. Unfortunately many businesses or website owners are unaware of missing factors their web developer may have skipped intentionally or due to lack of experience which could otherwise help boost their online presence.

This WordPress audit will provide  a full site review along with a 30 minute phone call with a web  expert to discuss the findings relative to your site development, performance, user experience, search engine optimization  and other recommendations to help improve your online presence.

With over 10 years of WordPress experience, we’ve consulted businesses on how to improve their WordPress websites, choose the right tools, make technical decisions, choose the appropriate themes/plugins and more.

These decisions have led to higher traffic/conversions, better usability, faster loading websites and more educated clients who understand how they can better manage their WordPress website.

Through our website auditing services we will thoroughly investigate your WordPress website and provide information on issues that need to be addressed and useful tips on how to improve your overall online presence.

Once the audit is complete, you will receive a report of our findings which you can either take to your web developer or hire an expert from NexToronto to put our suggestions into action.

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Our WordPress Consulting Services Covers

Search Engine Optimization

Is your website setup for search? We will look at your WordPress website to see if you have the right plugins and HTML markup that can help your visitors find your website for target keywords.

User Experience

How is the user experience on your website? We will look at your website responsiveness and provide feedback on how to improve your website design so you an engage and convert visitors into customers/leads.

Site Performance Issues

We will look into technical SEO and performance issues such as how quickly does your website load? In 2016 Google has announced that page speed would be considered when ranking websites.

WordPress Software Checkup

We will review your WordPress backend to see if your WordPress version, plugins and theme is up-to-date and configured properly.

Hosting and WordPress Site Migration

Hosting can impact search ranking, site performance and how users interact with your website. We will check to make sure your web hosting is optimal and taking full advantage of your web hosting package features.

Website Redesign

We will improve the design and layout of your website to be more aesthetically pleasing and consistent with your brand.

Hire a NEXpert to Get Your Business Started on the Right Foot

So you had a developer build your website, but did he/she skip steps or cover all the bases that would make your website competative in the online space?

Most business owners aren’t aware that their web developer may have rushed through the development process without implementing necessary factors which are not visible on the frontend or ignorant to their importance.

These crucial factors may adversely affect your sites visibility in search engines like Google, limit traffic, create a poor user experience, increase bounce rate, poor site performance and other facters that are holding your business back from online success.

Through our WordPress consulting services you’ll be able to have a NEXpert put your website under the microscope and dig deep into the problems and provide real solutions to get the most out of your onlien presence.

Through our website audit, we will provide solutions that can be put into action so that your website can deliver the results you deserve.

Project Analysis

The first phase of our consulting service is making sure we understand our clients goals and expectations are. We take a collaborative approach by working with clients and members of their team that helps us collect project information.

Define Solutions

In this phase we provide the technical and functional analysis. Since we understand what you need, this phases consists of finding viable solutions and the best available tools based on our technical expertise to. 


After defining the “What” and “How”, we can then consider constraints such as cost and time. In this phase we begin to develop a project plan that consists of road map for execution. Clients can take this to their web developer or choose to work with our NexToronto WordPress Developers.