WordPress has literally thousands of plugins available to choose from in their library. As I’ve said in previous posts I always try to experiment with as many as I can to improve my arsenal. This is how I’ve been able to create my go-to list of WordPress plugins I typically install on most websites. Once in a while I’ll be faced with a challenge that will require me to customize existing WordPress plugins such as a recent project I was working on which required me to create a resource library page that looked and functioned similar to the one found on this page https://www.telmetrics.com/resources/

I tested different search plugins but none provided even close to the desired result. I eventually stumbled upon the WordPress Search & Filter plugin which was very flexible, intuitive and customizable. Through the backend I was able to customize how my search form was going to function and which categories to filter. It uses Ajax on the front end to display the results. With the help of their support forums and a little PHP/CSS I was able to pull off the design and functionality I wanted.

Some of the modifications I made to the WordPress Search & Filter Plugin included:

1. Using CSS to make the search bar horizontal instead of the standard vertical design.
2. Modifying the template to display the results in a two column layout by working with the WordPress templates design
3. Adding the featured image on the left of the search result
4. Adding a clickable button to the search results
5. Displaying the categories in a linear format instead of the bullet format

If you’re interested in the Search & Filter WordPress plugin you can find it by visiting the link below. Although there is a free version available, it’s very limited so I highly recommend paying the $20 and getting the premium version.


Their is a support forum that you can use to post any questions you may have. It typically takes about 24-48 hours for their support to get back to you but they were very helpful in providing any answers I needed.

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