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We build responsive & search engine friendly WordPress websites than help your business stand out online.

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“We build responsive, search engine friendly, secure and user friendly websites that meet your business goals.”

WordPress has become the World’s #1 open source content management system and our favorite CMS for a number of reasons and now powering almost a quarter of websites today. Prior to becoming the most popular CMS on the planet we’ve become experts in WordPress development as this online software provided clients the ability to easily update the content and images on their website quickly and easily.

Aside from providing our clients expert WordPress development, we also provide WordPress training so that our clients will have the basic knowledge needed to run their website efficiently. They’ll become comfortable in making changes to their website without the need to rely on a webmaster for all changes.

NexToronto stands out from other WordPress Development companies in Toronto because we provide a strategy that makes sure clients websites also stand out from their competitors. We provide websites that are responsive, search engine friendly, secure, easy to navigate and meet your business needs.

Whether you’re looking for an informational website or an ecommerce platform to sell your products, NexToronto is the only WordPress development company you’ll want to rely on.



  • It’s easy to use

    Adding content is super easy and can be done very quickly. If you’re comfortable with your average text editor then you will have no problem with WordPress

  • Manage your website from anywhere

    As long as you have an internet connection you can login through the dashboard and make your updates

  • Full Control of your website

    Never be at the beckoning of a web developer for updates ever again. Once we’ve completed your website we will provide full training on updating your website so you’ll never have to.

  • Start blogging right away

    Since WordPress was originally a blogging software you can easily post blogs through its intuitive and user friendly backend with ease.

  • SEO friendly

    Straight out of the box WordPress is search engine friendly and additional plugins can easily be installed to further optimize your website.

  • Have multiple users

    With just a few clicks you can add users and assign user roles providing users certain access and privileges.

  • Designs are responsive and customizable

    WordPress themes can be installed that provide responsive and customizable interfaces.

wordpress web design

  • Extend the functionality with plugins

    Plugins add additional functionality to your website. We’ve identified the best plugins to supercharge your website and help you rank better. Our programmers can always customize your plugins or write new ones if needed.

  • No FTP or HTML required

    Once your website is setup there is no need for FTP and you don’t have to be an HTML expert to manage a WordPress website.

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NexToronto specializes in WordPress Development and provides quality web development & internet marketing services in Toronto, Canada. We have no geographic boundaries. As a Toronto based web company we are also global company and have worked with other English speaking countries including the United States, England, Scotland, Ireland and Australia. NexToronto strives to provide excellent service and help your business achieve your goals online. Our Toronto business offers a fully integrated approach to your online needs. We are striving to become among the top web development companies in Toronto. Whether you are searching on for web development Toronto or WordPress Toronto services remember that we’re not just another web company in Toronto but once that wants to make you stand out and make a statement on the web. Contact us today!